Speaking of Vacations.......

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  1. where are you going this year for vaca? For our 1st this year, DH and I are going to SC for a golf vacation. This is "his" vacation. For mine, were going to either Brazil or the Bahamas. I haven't decided which yet.

    Where are you all going?
  2. Nowhere. I save my 10 vacation days until the end of the year so I can go to my BF's home for the holidays. I'm willing to just take 10 more days off and not get paid but I want to make sure my time off is worth it. Maybe Disneyland as I've never been there. Or Hawaii. Ooooooh, Hawaii!
  3. I just got back from a ski vacation in Lake Tahoe. We will be going to Las Vegas in September and Hawaii in November. We may try to squeeze in a cruise in May.
  4. Dh and I will probably be going to Vegas this spring. Cheap vacation, one of dh's best friends lives there. I would love to go somewhere tropical but dh and I are trying to save for our 1st house.
  5. We are going to Hawaii in March. Then Ireland in August.
  6. My bf has an apartment in Miami. We try to escape there often during the winter months in New York. We were there last 2 weeks ago. We are going again March 2nd for the weekend. But I really want to go to Europe. We don't have time though because I have school and my bf is very busy with his business. I want to try to go during the summer but thats a while from now.
  7. Im off to india tommorow with my mum cant wait to go goa!!
  8. My dad and stepmom go to Marathon, the Florida Keys every year for two weeks, and I drive down there and stay a week or so. Fishing, lobstering, diving and drinking margaritas while watching the sunset! :nuts: We might go to the Bahamas for Memorial Day weekend. I'd love to go to Hawaii or Australia :love:
  9. Vegas!!! Shopping!!:love:
  10. I've been on 2 cruises in just over a month so it will be a while before I have a vacation again .. the next one we have planned is to the Galapagos Islands in December. We're scheduled to go on Celebrity's Xpedition ship - we spend a few days in Quito, Ecuador then fly to Baltra in the Galapagos for a week on the boat stopping twice a day to do hikes and tours to see the wild life. We'll visit several of the islands - I can't wait!
  11. this year, planning to go to the States and Canada for 3 months! I'm quite excitied about having a cold christmas etc... can't wait to see my first NHL game and do a spot of snowboarding - thats if theres enough snow!
    AND of course, totally looking forward to shopping!!!! Can't wait! :smile: *Fingerscrossed i get there*
  12. Jamaica baby!! Lots of family and you can't beat the Ritz Carlton there or the jerk chicken and reggae!!
  13. I agree about the Jerk chicken !!! I was In Jamaica last year for 3 weeks. This year its either, Trinadad, Pueto Rico, or Italy.
  14. Probably Japan sometime in the summer.
  15. Jamaica is awesome! We went last year (Negril). Try the Auki(sp?) with swordfish for breakfast. The fresh fruit is beyond belief. Nothing compares at the farmer's market in the states! Also ck out Jimmy Buffets Margarettaville for the club scene if you feel like going out.