Speaking of bras, what about underwires?

  1. I like the support underwire bras give, but I vaguely remember hearing years ago that wearing them was linked to an increased chance of breast cancer. Does anyone know if that's true?
  2. I always wear underwire, otherwise I feel as-if my bra is just going to fall off.
  3. I read that as well, I wonder if they have done any reasearch to prove this theory

  4. i think that was proven to be a hoax, chech snopes. i don't like bras at all :shame:
  5. All I found at snopes was an article about the anti-perspirant causes breast cancer scare from several years ago (status: undetermined), with a passing reference to the underwire theory.
  6. Underwires are a must!! Otherwise I think its too droopy, IMO.
  7. I have to have underwire! If I don't, my puppies would look like I'm sagging.
  8. I hate underwire, none of my bras has wire....
  9. I love underwire can't wear one without it. I would feel so bare like they aren't holding them up well enough. I don't want sagging boobs by 30. I don't know if that will cause drooping or not!?! My mom can't stand underwire I don't know why..she said it starts poking out. I haven't had any troubles w/ my VS bras.
  10. I need the support underwire provides.
  11. I've been wearing underwire most of the time but lately I've switched to Bikini-style bras. Can't wear them with everything though, but they're so much more comfortable IMO.
  12. Love & need underwire =)
  13. I'm a pretty average bra size, not super stacked at all, but I always wear underwire. Otherwise I just feel way too unfettered and free :lol: . I thought the cancer link thing was a hoax too.
  14. i only wear underwire. it keeps the boobs from sagging now and later. if you don't like it, its probably because you're wearing the wrong size bra. [oh the joys of working in the lingerie dept. and all the things you learn.]
  15. with the size of my breasts I don't get a choice 36D. Ie i feel as though I'm wasting my time in most bras that don't have an underwire in them. I just flop.