Space Prada Outlet in Hong kong

  1. Halo!

    I will be making a trip to hong kong end of the month and wonder if i should make a trip to the Space outlet that retail past season prada products.

    Is there a good range of product and is it worthwhile to check out the place? Also, what's the discount like?

    Please advise!

  2. Nothing much, nothing nice for guys. They carry very limited items, most are from many many seasons ago, mostly ladies collection of Prada & Miu Miu. You can expect markdown pricing similar to those seasonal markdown at Prada or Miu Miu Stores, nothing fabulous.

    Location of Space Outlet sucks too, it is at an old building beside a lousy shopping mall, in the middle of a Residential Apartment estate. The basement of the building is a Marketplace selling poultry, meats, vegs etc. If you need to go washroom, it is at the Marketplace, wet, dirty & smell horrendous. Make sure the taxi driver knows where you want to go, if you get off at the shopping mall, you got to walk like hell.

    After going there with all the hassle, with high expectation you end up with disappointment. I bought absolutely nothing from there when i went there. The whole place sucks, i rather shop leisurely at Landmark or Harbour City direct at Prada Stores.
  3. ^ Well, I wouldn't eliminate it completely. It just depends whether you are willing to spend the time to look at the items.

    As of now, it's under renovation, so there is only "half" an outlet. Depends what you are looking for. There is a range of ready-to-wear, wallets, sunglasses, shoes, small accessories (keychains, bracelets, lanyards?, necklaces, etc) and a limited selection of bags. There are some under $100 pieces but don't expect to find treasures... they usually aren't amazing. Some clothing items are also $300 or so. Generally, I would say items are up to 50% off.

    Otherwise, the above poster is correct about the location. It isn't the most welcoming because it's next to a marketplace. If you have time, I don't see why you shouldn't make a trip there. I would say there are some nice Miu Miu shoes especially, if that's what you're interested in. If the location alone is a turn off, then I suggest heading a little further down to the Horizon Plaza outlets. There is a better range of shops there such as Lane Crawford where you can actually find more Prada items!

    Do let us know if you end up going! I would love to hear about your finds.
  4. I would suggest popping in if you have time - the shoe collection (it used to be the strongest draw for me) was not that tempting during my last visit because it's under renovation. Yet, my sister and I got amazingly good stuff on several occasions, including a cervo antik from the current season.

    When you are there, always head to the racks first - they are merchandize at an additional discount. Of course, you won't be able to find current season clothing there. But if you love Prada, clothes from seasons past may be as good as ones from this season. And if you are a Prada size 38, you will be spoiled with choice. Once I saw a size 36 (Yes, I did not know Prada did size 36 coat - probably something from Prada JP) wool coat marked down to under USD300.

    Hope that you find something you like there!
  5. hi guys, the last post was dated 2010, i wonder if there is any update on the space outlet in hk. is it worth to go this time around? thanks!
  6. I was there June 23, 2012. It really depends on what bags are you looking for. I particularly saw many nylon totes, nylon messenger bags in different colors, few Saffiano wallets, some leather bags (shoulder, cross-body, etc...) and other past seasons Prada bags. I think the selections are not that bad. Talking about the price, the nylon totes costs around 4K HKD, the messenger bags roughly around 3k HKD if my memory serves me right and the wallets 2k HKD approximately. I did not pay too much attention on clothes and shoes though. There were also Prada sunglasses that costs around 1K HKD. Prices are generally 25-30% off. Hope that helps. There are no tessuto or nappa gaufre bags, either.
  7. hi there i am looking for a past season wallet, it is made of saffiano and is encrusted with jewels on it, any color would be excellent, except for black. here are a few pictures i will post to show. if any one could help me out with these items....I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! or if anyone is looking to resell the wallet? if they no longer care to keep it.

    [​IMG] pink(hibiscuss)/orange
    [​IMG] pewlter/aqua
    [​IMG] lavender/purple/pink
    [​IMG] silver/black
    [​IMG] close up of the silver/black
    [​IMG] lightblue/aqua/green
    [​IMG] black/gold (THIS IS THE ONE I DONT WANT)
    [​IMG] this is a clutch/evening purse, not a wallet, but same style with the jewels in GREEN

    i also saw the shoes for these and they are beautiful! i'll just post them since they are the same family!

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] all images are images i found from google-ing. none of the images are my own.

    I really want this wallet, so if anyone who can help out thanks so much!
  8. Hi ladies, does anyone know how much the BN2274 selling in Hongkong?

    I'm going on a business trip transferring flights at Hongkong early next month, so just want to see which will be cheaper, I purchase it here in Australia for AUD$ 1960 (will get 10% tax return from custom when I travel), or buy it at Hongkong airport.

    Thanks a lot.