Spa Products from Bali

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  1. When I was in Asia last year, I picked up some of the traditional scrub treatments to bring back, and really feel that they are handsdown so much nicer than what I can get in the states even at high end shops.

    How willing would you be to try a new scrub from Bali if it was elegantly boxed and labeled and cost no more than say $25 for many weeks worth of applications?
  2. Sure I'd be willing to try it! I'm always on the lookout for new beauty products. :p

  3. are u talking about the "mandi lulur" body scrub? If yes, I absolutely love them!!!!
    They even have whitening scrubs that can help to do things like fade the darkness on yr knees and back acne scars and stuff..
    I love it to death and always ask my friends and family to send it to me...