South Florida TPF meeting????ARE YOU READY!!!!!

  1. Who would like a South Florida TPF Meeting......I know its been tried several times, but....this time we have to make it work.....

    Early March is out for me.....have to help with new grandchild.
    February, 20 to the end is open for me
    April, except for the week of 2nd (off to ski)
    May is open for me.
    Please, pipe in and tell us your would be great....we have quite a number of members down here and don't forget.......MEGS is moving down soon.......
    ideas and suggestions would be most welcomed....I would be glad to coordinate if needed......LETS DO IT.......:tup::smile::yes::yahoo:;):::rolleyes::nuts::heart:H
  2. I need an excuse to go back there...LOL...LMK!
  3. Jill you must come!!

    Vlad and I will be down and will def love to come!!! Let's plan something
  4. sounds good to me, hopefully I will be back by then if not i'll come back up for the meet! I cant wait to actually meet some tpf members!
  5. If in Miami area, yes. I'm in the Keys. This month is out for me, from March-May would be good for me.
  6. Of course i will be there! IT will be fun and good to meet everyone esp. since i am new down here. I will be gone Feb 26th -Mar 5th. And then having company come stay Mar 6th - 9th. Let me know when the date is decided!! :woohoo::tup::drinks: I am loving it down here so far!! :beach:
  7. I'm in...Saturday night works for me!
  8. Gives me a reason to drive down south and go shopping! Yay!
  9. Hmm from march-may would be good for me. LMK
  10. I wished I lived closer. I'm in Tampa. Miami is a loooonnng drive for me!
  11. Im free whenever!!
  12. lets get this thing rolling, i'm really wanting to meet some fellow tpfers!!
  13. Arrrgghh, I'm still overseas. But maybe I can schedule my vacation around it.

    We can carpool Elizat!
  14. Let's do it! I've never been to Miami. :smile:
  15. Ok i think someone is going to have to throw out a date or two to get this rolling and then we can go from there for ideas :idea: