Sould i pay increased price???

  1. I ordered azur today since shop had only displayed one...
    SA told me that it will takes around 1~2 week.
    Than, when i pick it up, should i pay increased price or current price???
    If i have to pay increased price, i think its pretty unfair...:supacool::supacool:
    Does anyone know which price should i pay?? :confused1::confused1:
  2. Well unless you pay for the bag now Yes you'll have to pay the increase, Unless you spot one on elux in the meantime.
  3. Why don't you ask your SA if you can pay for it first? Then pick it up when it comes in the store.
  4. I think it's unfair to pay more, just because THEY don't have it! Ask the SA to pay now, if you can.
  5. If it is purchased after the increase that is the price.
    If you but it now (pay for it) and pick it up at a later date you should get it for the price it is when you pay for it.

    I would suggest keeping your eye on elux and asking your s/a if you can pay for it now.

    Other then that, if you want the bag you're going to pay the asking price. (shrugs)
  6. It's funny, because when I asked my SA about it today, she looked completely dumbfounded by it because she said we just had an increase in Nov :shrugs:
  7. get the display now, but don't use it and exchange it when the new one comes in.
  8. no, i wouldnt buy the displayed one, remember LV is tough on returns

    dont get stuck with something thats not new for that price

    keep checking eluxury!!!
  9. So are we saying we think for sure there is a price increase on feb 1st?
  10. That sucks! I hate price increases!
  11. Just wanted to ask what is wrong with the display model?
  12. I've bought display models before. As long as you look it over, I don't see anything wrong with it. If it's the last one they have and it looks good to me, I buy it. :back2topic: I would think you would have to pay the current price of the bag on the day you purchase it.
  13. why don't you buy the display model and exchange it for the new when it comes in
  14. i went to my boutique today n the SA there told me there would be no price increase?? n that if there was they would have informed them already..sooo do u think he was lyin??
  15. Pay for it now and pick up the bag later. That's what I did for the last price increase. I picked up the phone the day before the price increase and paid for a bag over the phone, then picked it up a week later when I have the time. I'm always such a procrastinator. My SA knows that I usually show up days before each price increase. :roflmfao: