SOS!i spoilt my birkin!a "SMILE" scar on da surface.wat can i do?


Jul 18, 2007
hong kong
hey ladies!!!

im in an extremely bad mood now as i found out my 30cm blue birkin has a permanent scar under d lock hole!

first of all,i dunno how i got it.i keep my birkin in da box n put the lock in da lock position.i assume it's normal practice to keep ur birkin if u dun use in da orange box.n after sometimes,when i took it out n hav a look ,i saw a 'SMILE ' underneath my lock hole!!!and it's brown color!really bad n obvious!im devastated!i sud hav put the lock in da small bag tat provided n!!why NOONE informed me of tis n now i really clueless n hopeless on it!im sooooo sad as it was my first birkin fr my husband n i definitely had ruined it!

can someone tell me how is tis happen?n anyone out there had d same problem?wat can i do??i doubt it can fixed too!sob heart had broken.....

can someone teach me how to post pic too?i want to post those runined pics.sorry bout it.n sorry if someone had post tis before as i search but found no results!

pls advice!appreciate ur input!!


Sep 6, 2009
I have "smiley" mark on my birkins as well, but I am totally fine with it ........... I believe there is nothing Hermes can do to remove it........ They are still beautiful bags even with the smiley marks...........They are just bags afterall, that's why I did not go hysterical about it.............

Lyanna Stark

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Dec 24, 2006
You gotta do your own research, nobody will "tell you". The smiley problem has been discussed many times. :smile: If it is brown, your lock may have oxidised or rusted. I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong as your text has weird English and very hard to read, so I'll end with asking you to send it to the spa to see what they can do to help. Good luck.


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Apr 13, 2006
It happened to me once and I learned my lesson in a hard & expensive way (I got 'smiley face' on my CROC BIRKIN AFTER USING IT ONCE!!!..I almost died). At that time, I was still new & learing about croc, I didn't expect shiny croc would be easily scratched by it's own lock (I wish my mom warned me about it since she had Hermes croc bags MUCH earlier than me!)

When I spoke to store manager, SM suggested to use and enjoy it (the bag that has 'smiley face') for a while & wait until entire bag condition needed spa. Because craftman might fix (or less visible) the 'smiley face' BUT you might get another problems soon like more scratches, rubs, or corner wears while you are using your bag again. You know what I mean?

Unless 'smiley face' is terribly bad, don't panic & just enjoy using your bag. Signs of wear is unavoidable when you use you bag.
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Ms Birkin

Jun 21, 2008
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I have a smiley face on one of my bags from a cadena hanging off the turn lock. I've accepted it and will leave it until the bag needs to go to the spa and then ask them to clean it up.

I certainly would not say your bag is ruined, it is something that can be cleaned up but I don't think it's worth sending your bag in just for that as the bag maybe away some time.


Mar 28, 2006
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Use it until it needs a spa visit and ask them to fix it as best they can as part of the spa. Just try to enjoy your bag. As Aspen said, it will acquire many more "love marks" as you use it.


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Apr 8, 2006
I don't think you "ruined" it at all. Take it to have a spa treatment and see how that works. You are BOUND to get a little something on your bags as you use them anyway so relax and enjoy....


Jan 17, 2009
I do not place the lock on the bag only the clochette and the lock stays inside because again I learnt the hard way and on black swift ,thank god swift is soft I massaged it every day with gloves on and as it became loose and softer it became les obvious but if you are truly un happy send it in it can't hurt I mean I get you and also well enjoy the bag hang the clochette and a twilly on that side and you won't see it as much best darling .birkel.
Dec 21, 2007
With Birkins, I don't think you will get a smiley mark if you put the straps on the turnlock before you put the cadena on. Putting the straps on first keeps the cadena far enough away from the bag to prevent scratches. This has worked for me so far.