Sorry for the stupid question

  1. but does the hobo only come with GH?

    For some reason, I am having problems with my search. It is telling me I need more than three words and even when I have three words, it still isn't searching.
  2. yes, right now the hobo only comes in GH
  3. Thanks!

    I really like the style.
  4. The day comes with both RH and GH. There is a GH hobo, but the shape is different than the RH Hobo.
  5. the day and hobo are 2 different styles, the Day comes in both GH and RH and is longer and has tassles, the hobo is like a crescent moon shape and only comes in GH, no tassles

    if i knew how to post pics, i would show you the difference...

    check out the Wearing Pictures Only thread up top to find both styles :yes:
  6. I have noticed that I only see the hobo in GH.

    I really like the shape of it.
  7. It is a bummer for me because I LOVE the hobo but the gh is not for me. I hope in the future they make the hobo with the rh; I would be in heaven!
  8. Me too!!

    I would love a hobo with RH.
  9. I think we were talking about the Giant Hobo but with RH.
  10. I have no idea what the answer is, but wanted to say that there are NO dumb questions! and if there are, expect lots from me in the future:p