Sophie Owners--can you model pics?

  1. I know there are a bunch of you out there. I keep seeing pics of the bag being posted but I really want to see it worn different ways.

    Anyone care to model pics? (messenger style, hand held, shoulder (if it fits)

    I really want one and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a little angel brings one to me. ;)

    I saw the pic of the model on the magazine cover :heart: :heart:
    But i really want to see someone standing up and modeling it. The lady on the cover was sitting down
  2. Anyone else? :shrugs:
  3. xoAKIxo also modeled hers, I believe.
  4. I'll try to take some pics later today. It's only 7:15 here and I'm still in my PJs...
  5. I have some pics in an old post too

  6. You do? Have i seen it? :shrugs: Linkie link please ;)
  7. :shrugs:
  8. Okay... here's one. Please ignore the outfit. We spent the day out house hunting and I'm too exhausted to change into anything else. :sleepy:

    I have another closer picture of the purse, but my hubby has to re-size it. I'm computer illiterate! :rolleyes:
  9. ^^Love it.

    What kind of stuff does this bag hold?
  10. Here's a few of it on and what fits inside...
    DSC01361.JPG DSC01363.JPG DSC01366.JPG DSC01348.JPG DSC01349.JPG
  11. Here's terrible shot but a shot nonetheless....she still hasn't seen the outside world!

    sophie chain.jpg

  12. Wow. It fits a bunch of stuff. Is it bulky looking when you put all that inside or does it keep its shape?

  13. Ooh thanks. I was wanting to see one handheld. Looks great. :yes: