Sophia Red wallet

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  1. Does anyone have the red patent leather wallets? If so Which one I can't decide the small one or the zip around because I am buying the red patent sophia regular size is there alot of room in it?:yahoo:
  2. I did buy the large zip around one but later returned it, not because I didn't like it but I paid full price for it and felt guilty. Love the large accordian one! Beautiful wallet!
  3. I carry the crimson patent checkbook wallet. My second choice would be the zip-around because it doesn't take up much room. IMO the small is entirely too minute.
  4. I don't have the patent wallet, but I have a regular (small) crimson Sophia and she has a good amount of room- more than she appears to have from the outside. I carry my black gathered zip around wallet
  5. I have the crimson patent checkbook wallet and I love it. It is very roomy and gorgeous.