sooooo depressed about my new mbmj bag that i ruined!!

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  1. i wanted a conditioner for my bag, and my dad remembered about the leather sofa conditioner, but it was really old and im pretty sure it was expired, i know it's more than 10 years old lol but i used it anyway. i tried it on one of the handles and it SHRUNK and FLATTENED it out! the other handle is puffy, thick and wide still. i havent even used the bag outside yet. i rubbed some on the front pockets too, that seemed to make it look thinner somewhat. im so saaaaaad. :crybaby::Push: no pics sorry.

    so basically one handle is flattened and shrunkened in thickness and width. it's mostly in the middle of the one handle though. it looks like it's been used up but alas it was never used yet. im scared that handle's going to get worn out pretty fast. also, after i rubbed that stuff in, after a while i could smell that leather chemical reaction but now the smell is gone and :crybaby:. it's not pebbly. plus my dad's making me feel guilty about using it even though i knew how old it was and that it was specifically for leather sofas. lol.
  2. Wow. That sounds odd. Maybe take a damp cloth (not wet) and try to rub some of that off. Maybe the leather will plump back up. You may want to take it to a handbag repair shop or shoe repair and have them take a look at it. So sorry. I am really paranoid about what I put on my bags. I need to buy some conditioner, but I haven't chosen which one, yet. It is amazing how many liquids can ruin finishes. I had a plug in air freshener that fell over onto my nightstand and ruined the finish.
  3. i agree with roro - try a leather repair place to see if they can help. i hope they can! :heart:
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    yeah i tried rubbbing some off, the chemical reaction has done it's job. i dont think the repair shop can do anything, they cant turn back time. *drama* lol
  5. can somebody tell me if after YOU condition your bag's handles, do they shrink or flatten in ANY way? lol
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your bag troubles. I think we've all experienced these moments. Anyway, when I condition my bags, the only thing that's different is its texture (smoother) and somewhat softer. The size and the thickness of the handles have always been the same :shrugs:. But then again, I use Apple conditioner. I don't see why a leather couch conditioner would have that effect though. That is strange. I agree with Roro, just take it to a leather specialist and see what they can do.

    Good luck!
  7. Leather conditioner shouldn't have had that effect on your bag. By definition conditioner should saturate the leather and increase its elasticity and suppleness.
    Was the substance you used a cleaner/conditioner combo? Can you read the ingredients? What kind of leather(couch) was it recommended for? It almost sounds like it had some sort of solvent it.
    I'm sorry this happened, perhaps you could try some of the Apple or Kiwi leather products. Both are pretty widely available. I can find Kiwi products at Target. GL!
  8. Do what the others have suggested - I think that may be your only option at this point! Either that or have it professionally restored, such as by Lovin My Bags. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to the leather, though - :sad: When I use Cadillac on both my MJs and MbMJs alike, the conditioner has never done funny things with the handles before.
  9. it just said leather conditioner on it. it came in a box where there's another bottle for cleaning. "Protects your leather furniture from common household oil and water-based stains. contains an exclusive additive package for enhanced leather protection capabilities. It helps repel airborne dust and dirt, minimize leather fading and reduces staining. SAFE for all top coated and aniline type leathers. not for unfinished leathers like suede or nubuck." the brand is Guardian.
  10. Its been my understanding that he soft squishy leather on the MBMJ bags like the Faridah and the Teri are considered unfinished(judging from deffinition). I would also guess that the leather on your bag has not been treated by aniline since the color and texture is notmuch like natual raw/naked leather. I think June might know more about this part . . .
    I hope you can get it rejuvinated:yes:.
  11. wow that sucks
  12. ya think? :crybaby:
  13. who's june and how do i get it rejuvenated? can the mj company do anything?
  14. ^I don't think MJ will do anything, but I think it would be worth it to take it to a professional and see what they can do:tup:.
  15. ^ She's talking about june3machina, a member here on tPF. She's a pro at bringing bags back to life and various repairs, etc. She's performed some pretty serious bag surgery before, so trust her skillz! You can e-mail the MJ Repairs department at: and ask them if they can do anything about it or if they have any suggestions. Lovin My Bags repairs and rejuvenates designer bags: You can try contacting them for suggestions or for an estimate as to how much it would cost to fix your bag.