Soooo sad, really, really wanted to LOVE it!!

  1. My wonderful dh bought me the Leopard Stephen for our anniversary (which isn't until next Thurs., but realized there is a return time limit on the bag). He gave it to me tonight, and I was in SHOCK!! It's beautiful and a fun bag, but just too BIG for me! :sad: I felt awkward carrying it. I'm 5'2" and on the smaller side and felt like the bag overwhelmed me!! I soooo wanted to :heart: this bag. For as much money as it was I don't think I should keep it,when I know I won't use it but maybe a few times a year.

    On another note, does anybody know exactly how the 14 day return policy works? He bought it on the 8th (Nov) and received it on the 10th....when do the 14 days start? I'm really hoping I don't have to drive 2hrs (each way) tomorrow with 4 kids to San Francisco to return it. Hopefully we can go on Friday (when dh can go with us).

    Thanks for reading. I'm so touched that he would buy that for me, but bummed that it just doesn't work for me!:crybaby:
  2. That's a really sweet gesture of your husband though. I don't know about the return policy, but would you be able to visit the Valley Fair or Stanford botique to do a return? Hope it all works out for you :yes:
  3. Definitely go return it before thanksgiving. I hope you can pick out something you like while you are there at SF.
  4. Why don't you call one of the boutiques and tell them you are shipping it back? I would overnight it, just in case.
  5. They should honor the 14 days from when you received it...If it was via Fed Ex they can confirm that. This happened with me and a bag that was sent from Florida...I took it in 15 days from when I received it and 866 vuitton said it was no prob. Good luck. BTW...what a great Hubby!
  6. Don´t be bummed, it was just not for you!
  7. I'd just call the SA and explain the situation. Keep in mind though that SF is a shopper's nightmare the day after Thanksgiving...handling four kids alone may be a dream in comparison to the crowds on Friday. :smile:
  8. Happy Anniversary! Sorry it's too big for you. Hopefully, you'll find something that suits your frame and you love!:flowers:
  9. Congrat's on the beautiufl bag, have you thought about trading it in for the Adele in the same pattern ? I think you'd be much happier with the size.

  10. I am sorry that is was not for you.
  11. That bag is so beautiful, but I can see why the size would bother looks more like an overnight bag to me. A gorgeous overnight bag!!! I'm sure you can find something else to get instead...a Suhali?
  12. I like the adele idea. Go for that!
  13. Fabulous husband!!! wow. And, it's very good that you know it doesn't work. That's a good thing. You'll get the right one, good luck! and HAVE FUN and Happy Anniversary!!!
  14. Lots of good advice from the gals. I agree if you can go today it will be less crowded. Shipping it back might be a good alternative. Either way, call an SA and arrange it, that way it will go smoother. Have fun picking out something new :smile:
  15. Wow what a great guy!

    Good adivce there :smile: Just a thought too, here's my not so practical advice, nothing wrong with using it a few times a year - just think - you could love it a few times a year in pristine condition for decades and remember how wonderful a day it was when he gave it to you :smile: There's my very impractical advice lol. Great guy there!