Sooo frustrating!!!

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to purseblog so I hope you don't mind if I vent a little:shame:
    I've been wanting a Balenciaga bag for sometime now but just never acted on it because I've been wanting a Fendi Spy. Anyway, I expressed my interest in buying the b-bag for a while and just recently told my bestfriend that I'm going to buy it for sure in 2 weeks.
    Well, that was a big mistake!!! She now says that she'll be buying one because she's been wanting one for a while also!!! I was so mad!!! :evil: What I don't understand is that she had made several bag purchases before (Chanel, Python Silverado) and now all of a sudden she wants a b-bag the same time I want one :sick: I guess I'm overreacting but I can't help it!!!
    Thank goodness my sister is in NY and said that she will buy one for me from Barney's!!! She'll be back Friday and I'll post pics!!! Thanks for reading!!!
  2. Like I tell my kids, its too bad their friends run out and purchase the same stuff they have but if designers wanted to be original they would have only made one! Hopefully you and your friend won't have the same color.
  3. Imitation is a form of flattery, right? I'm sorry about your friend, but just focus on your bag when you get'll love it.
  4. Awww, that sucks! I know what you mean!!! Well, you can't prevent other people from buying the same bag as you even if they are copying. It doesn't matter if she has the same bag what matters is who looks better with the Bbag. LoL!!! Post pics when you get it!!!

    Oh and welcome to purseblog!!!
  5. You're too funny pursegalsf!!! I know I would look so much better!!!
  6. My opinion exactly! Besides she could have wanted one just as long or longer than you have and just not brought it up who knows. Life is too short to stress about such small things. Buy what you love and don't worry about everyone else.