Soo sad....please say some prayers.

  1. This is so horrible...Where I work we've had the same UPS delivery driver for 30 years...ive been there over 3 years and I see this man every single day. He has become part of the family. Well yesterday his daughter was killed in a car accident...shes 18. :crybaby:

    Its so sad because she just went to college this past summer and her boyfriend is over in Iraq fighting for us. His daughter was the best thing that has ever happened to him. Its just such a sad thing. I just cant even imagine what hes going through right now.

    Why does this stuff happen during the holidays?
  2. Oh my thats shocking and extremely sad.. i send my prayers to him and her mother :sad: i lost my brother just a few months back.. although i still cry over missing him day and night. but i count all the other blessings i still have.. like my parents and thank God always.
    its terrible.. and all what he needs now is our prayers to comfort him and his wife in their tragic loss. i am very sad to read this and i pray no one ever goes in the shock of loosing a beloved one. its the hardest thing ever.
  3. thank you so much...i was just going to post on your thread because i just read what happened and i also send my prayers to you and your family, i am so sorry.
  4. Very sad, my thoughts and prayers go out to him and loved ones.
  5. That is so sad. :sad: My thoughts go out to him & his family during this very difficult time.
  6. "Why does this stuff happen during the holidays?"

    Maybe to slow us down and put our petty complaints in perspective.

    I'm so very sorry. Sometimes, it just makes no sense. My thoughts and prayers are with this poor man and family. You were very sweet to post this. It just stopped me in my tracks.

    And I've been *****ing non-stop this morning about work & last-minute shopping. Yah, right. Poor, stressed out me.
  7. That poor, poor man. I am SO SORRY to hear about this, especially as her boyfriend is overseas. I truly hope that he is okay as well.
  8. how very sad:sad:.....i will keep your UPS man and his family in my prayers.:heart:
  9. How sad. I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending my thoughts your way.
  10. omg, i'm so sorry....
    my prayers to the family
  11. I'm sure it will bring some comfort to know that there are so many people who care about him, including people he doesn't even know....the power of prayer is very strong...
  12. This is sad and unfortunate. Sending prayers....
  13. thank you all so at work was a sad day....thanks again all of you for your such kind words.
  14. How tragic. Sending prayers.
  15. So sad, I will keep them in my prayers.