Songs from your childhood

  1. We all have that one song that never fails to bring back memories of our childhood.

    What's yours?

    When I was still an only child, up to about 5 years old, my mother was studying for her MD in Anaesthesiology, and she was hardly ever around. She was often on call at the hospital, and unfortunately, I was old enough to know when she was and wasn't around :sad:.

    So on the nights before she went on call, she would put me to bed and sing the song Baby Mine from the Walt Disney animated movie Dumbo, and even though it made me bawl my eyes out, it still made me feel better :P.

    I suppose after all these years I'm still a little mother's girl, because even now, whenever I hear that song now I still cry and think of how close we've always been :shame:, and how she always told me in secret that even though she loves my younger brother, she would still love me better :love:. Now that she's all the way on the other side of the world, and I'm facing such uncertain times, I know I'd sell my soul to have her put me to bed again and sing Baby Mine to me :crybaby:.

    Baby mine, don't you cry
    Baby mine, dry your eyes
    Rest your head close to my heart
    Never to part, baby of mine
    Little one, when you play
    Don't you mind what you say
    Let those eyes sparkle and shine
    Never a tear, baby of mine
    From your head to your toes
    You're so sweet, goodness knows
    You are so precious to me
    Cute as can be, baby of mine
  2. Awww, what a great thread!

    Mine is "you are my sunshine":

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
    You make me happy when skies are grey
    You'll never know dear how much I love you
    Please don't take my sunshine away

    The other night dear as I lay sleeping
    I dreamt I held you in my arms
    When I awoke dear I was mistaken
    So I hung my head and cried.

    There are a few more verses but my Mom and Grandmother would always sing that song to me and now I tear up whenever I think about it. :crybaby: Good memories, though.
  3. How sweet memories......
    Unfortunately I didn´t have the chance to have a mother who would sing to me, so my childhood memories are very much linked to radio songs.......and my own records for kids !
    1-Kim Wilde - Cambodia ->the first song ever I remember loving, I was 3.
    My parents had the record, it´s totally scratched bc of me ! I know I should have been playing w the Fisher Price one at that age !!
    2-Chantal Goya and Dorothée -> french performers for kids, super famous (and cheesy) in the 80´s !
    3-Propaganda - PMachinery...if any Germans can remember that song....
    4- Madonna - Like a prayer.
    These last two helped me build my self esteen when I was 8-10 yo.
  4. Everything by Leonard Cohen :smile: My mom put his music on when she wanted me to fall asleep. I still get very sleepy whenever I hear his music.
  5. Sounds strange, but Johnny Cash. Used to listen all the time with my dad :smile:
  6. my grandmother used to sing that to me too :nuts::love:!
  7. ^^^aww, that's cool, Yeux!!
  8. My dad used to sing You Are My Sunshine to me! (And because of him, for the longest time, I thought Rule Britannia started out: Rule, Britannia! Marmalade and jam!

    My grandma (my dad's mother) used to sing this one:

    Horsey, Horsey, don't you stop
    Let's make your feet go clippety clop
    The tail goes swish and the wheels go round
    Giddyup we're homeword bound!
  9. Sorry! One more! (My dad taught me this one. It's probably one of the less rude rugby songs he knows!)

    Under the table you must go
    Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Ee-aye-oh
    If I catch you bending
    I'll saw your legs right off
    Knees up, knees up
    Never get the breeze up
    Knees up Mother Brown

    I always liked the "If I catch you bending, I'll saw your legs right off" part.
  10. songs that remind me of my childhood are:
    Madonna - Like a Pray, Vogue, hmmm, theres another one but i cant remember the name... some about 'true blue?'
    NKOTB - all their songs - not that they play them anymore! :roflmfao:
    Bon Jovi
    Skid Row
    hehehehe, old 80's rock hehehehe LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! :roflmfao:
  11. When I was about five or six, we went to California for a vacation. I remember riding around in our rental car (which was red - my favorite color at the time) listening to Material Girl by Madonna.
  12. Wow... i must have been a deprived kid, lol. Both my parents were always working.. my dad's a neurologist, and my mom's a cardiologist and were always oncall or at work, so my childhook memories were the wee sing casset tapes with "three blind mice" and that one song with the cow jumping over the moon. My parents never got the chance to sing to me that i remember... sniffles.
  13. my dad used to wake me up in the morning with that song from the rainbow brite movie wake up flowers/i've been up for hours/hello sunshine/won't you be mine. just me though, so it's always been really special. even just typing that makes me smile. :smile:

    my mom on the other hand sings the duck song that NO one has ever heard of before but she swears her mom sang to her when she was little. it's catchy and definately does the job of rousting sleeping kidlets. heck, she woke me up with it on my wedding day. :biggrin: as annoying as it can be, it's also endearing and effective. my siblings and i have finally accepted the fact that we'll probably sing it to our kids too. :yes:

    has anyone else ever heard it?

    when ducks get up in the morning they always say g'day
    when ducks get up in the morning they always say g'day
    quack quack quack quack
    that is what they say
    quack quack quack quack
    that is what they say

    oh, and my grandmother actually lived over a river and through the woods...and it always snowed when we went to see can guess what we sang on that car ride.
  14. The opening of Disney's Donald Duck cartoons.