sonatine Q

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  1. Those with the Sonatine (and i guess there aren't many) how well does it sit over your shoulder, if at all?

    trying to decide between a pochette accessories or the sonatine. :smile:
  2. I have the sonatine-only can use as handheld, straps are too short. But a lovely purse it is and different than accessory.
  3. hmm, ok thanks! i was hoping it could fit over the shoulder. darn.
  4. Yep--definitely handheld. The straps are too short for over the shoulder.
  5. I'd go with the pochette but that's just me!
  6. i think i would go too :hrmm:
  7. The Sonatine definitely does not fit over the shoulder. But it is a STUNNING bag and I get many compliments on it. I actually think it may have been discontinued and what is left in the stores is it!!
  8. I love the Sonatine. VERY classy bag for going out. You don't see it nearly as often as a pochette and very seldom see fakes. My pick is the Sonatine head and shoulders over the pochette.
  9. as other have already answered, it's definitely a handheld bag...i love the beautiful lining inside, and it's a very classy looking bag. i love mine.
  10. The Sonatine is the classiest LV bag I've ever owned. It's so chic! It definitely won't go over your shoulder, but man, I love it :girlsigh: