Sonatine - Popular Style?

  1. Hello my knowledgable LV fans - I'm interested in the sonatine; i have one on hold for me at the boutique which only had two left. the SA said it's a popular style; she herself has one which she loves.

    I've only seen a picture on the forum with a side view of it being held by a Japanese woman in the celebs sticky.

    Does anyone own this style? If yes, do you love it, like the SA loves her? Does it sag after some years of use? Any pics other than the official ones from elux? Length wise (going side-to-side) - is it as long as the Epi Jasmine style?

    I like that it hold the essentials which is good for running an errand. i know it's hand held, but i like that it's smaller/lighter than the speedy due it's size.
  2. o:huh::huh:oo...I'm actually looking into purchasing this bag as well.
    i dont have any info on the bag to help you but i hope some people leave replies so i can see if i should purchase it or not too.
  3. I don't have sonatine. I think it's cute bag for night out. I am not aware about sonatine being popular style but it's cute bag.
  4. I LOVE MINE!!!!!!!!!:heart: It is PERFECT for a nite out and for a small bag FITS alot...
    I got this 2 years ago for Valentine's Day from DH and I adore it and so will you...:flowers:

  5. I had the Sonatine & it doesn't sag. It is as long as the Jasmine but really small inside. I rarely use it now because its so small & I'm into big bags now. When I first bought it I wore it all the time =)
  6. Edit: I have the Sonatine.. sorry =)
  7. i adore the sonatine :rolleyes: haven't gotten one yet, but i'd love to SO it in damier...
  8. This is on my want list too. :love: It's a really cute evening bag or casual bag. And I don't think it sags.
  9. in my opinon i don't think that it is a popular LV design as compared to the monogram pochette seen everywhere. it is a nice evening bag but be prepared for the handles to become dirty over time coz it is a hand held bag.
  10. that WOULD be awesome! i haven't decided yes or no, but the picture of the bag looks soooo nice! i have a pouchette, but it doesn't fit things like a checkbook or a thick wallet, so i thought sonatine would be nice and not too deep where i would have to search for the smaller things.
  11. I love it and yeaaah a Damier one will be lovely.:tender: If your arm is skinny you should be able to wear it on your shoulder:smile:
  12. oh..i like it..i think it's cute..but i dont like the vachetta....cuz when it gets old it looks pretty bad..