something's gotta go back

  1. okay. i was looking through my stuff and i realized i made WAY too many impulse buys and can't possibly have a use for all this to justify the price (especially since i have no job right now).
    SO, either the black kate lurex sneakers or the patchwork flats need to go back.
    and the pink lurex lurex mini skinny...the stripe keypouch...the legacy scarf...
    i JUST bought the lurex stuff this week, too...and i seriously LOVE the pink...:crybaby:
    but all that adds up to nearly $500 that i could at LEAST use towards the mia satchel i've been drooling over FOREVER. i can justify that buy cause i know i'll use it...
  2. Hmm.. do you have picts?
  3. ^^I'm giving my legacy scarf to someone else, and the key pouch I'm still deciding on, I'm most likely either getting the beaded skinny or just returning for store credit until I see something else. So I would nix those if you were just going to use the scarf as something for your bag.

    I would return the patchwork flats, the more and more I was thinking about it, it doesn't appeal to me.

    How many wristlets/skinnies do you own?
  4. I feel like I will get another key pouch down the line, but I'm not 100% satisfied with the design.
  5. Or maybe keep one stripe and one legacy item?
  6. are you definite about the outlet stuff you got the otherday as well? Maybe that can compensate for the lurex?

  7. Get rid of one of one pink item and one stripped item. I say the mini skinny and the key pouch (unless you don't wear scarves much then I say get rid of the scarf).

    For the shoes, keep the patchwork ones.
  8. ^^I think the shoes are a matter of preference- which do you feel you need more, flats or sneakers?
  9. aarti...what have we talked about before? We must focus! One thing at a time girl. Let the girl answer your first 5 questions first. You're going to give kallison carpel tunnel scrolling up and down looking at all your questions.
  10. i know definately the scarf is going back. i only got that one because they were out of the ponytail one. and since i got that, i don't need this one.
    i already have a mini skinny to match my carryall...but i LOVE the pink. and the wristlet isn't practical. if i took that out with me and i was drinking, it'd be ruined (and that would be the only time i'd really use it...)
    the keypouch is cute as heck, but i have no real use for it because i have my mini skinny.
    and the shoes...i wanted black shoes cause my khaki/gold kate sneakers are already looking like crap. the patchwork ones are cute...but would i really wear them? would they get ruined too quick?
    i feel like i'm giving away my children or something...or how i imagine that would feel...
  11. LOL alright, ceasing and desisting.
  12. seriously! you make my head hurt, aarti!
  13. i like the sneakers (which i'm basing off my kates). tehy're comfy and practical for running around campus. and nice since my feet get cold really quickly...
    but i like the flats. they're more in style right now than sneakers...i just wanna be cool, haha.
  14. I say return all of it and get the purse because you seem so wishy washy on all of it. Like you could possibly live without all of it.
  15. hehe. The edit button is your friend ;)

    I'd lose the shoes because while they are cute, shoes are shoes and they get more dirty and icky quicker than anything else unless you wrap em in plastic wrap.