something new popped up!

  1. It rains in the Bay Area during winter time, so suede is out of the question for me.
  2. it kinda reminds me of prada, i like it though.
  3. it's cute, but i'm not really digging the crest thingie. but if you like it, don't make us stop you!
  4. i like it!! the new style looks cool~
  5. see im not loving the suade business....i have one suade gucci and im so scared to use it haha because im SO uncareful with my bags!! and i know they will turn out to the little horrors that are my suade coach bags :sad:

    but what i love is the style...the chain hobo is by FAR my fav bag of ALL time!! (the style is just so...HOT!) and call me crazy but i LOVE the only if they made a monogram chain with the crest...kind of like the indy!!!
  6. reminds me of prada.....
  7. It's nice for sure...I agree with the suade thing. I would be so afraid to ruin it especially with snow and rain. Love the crest it really does look like Prada.
  8. you guys are TOTTALLY right...its like a prada!
  9. I don't love it. Suede is not my thing.
  10. Definatly like prada... it like the style but not the fabric
  11. I like it.
  12. I would like to see it IRL