Something Jumbo.... Something Sparkly... Reveal


Jun 7, 2012
Hello Everyone..

I would love to share my very first Chanel purchases with you. I haven't always been into handbags but recently discovered a love for Chanel and a few other designers which has given me so much more to look forward to. My first foray into the world of designer handbags was getting the LV Sac plat from my husband. He had heard me rave about the bag and was sweet enough to get it for my birthday last year. Since then, i have acquired a couple more LV pieces, but always saw the classic chanel jumbo flap as my HG.

Because we lived in a country where there are presently no LV or Chanel stores, i would come online and admire all your beautiful bags. I planned to purchase this bag myself and looked forward to when i would visit the US to make this purchase. One day however, DH told me that if he got a promotion AND the best ranking in his team for the period, he would buy me the bag! It seemed like an impossible accomplishment at the time because, he had just been promoted the previous year and the industry he worked in was not one where back to back promotions occured frequently. Imagine my delight when this actually happened. I was in heaven and looked forward to getting my bag. Events in our lives, led to my DH being sent on an assignment to the US for 3 years. I couldn't follow immediately as i had a great job and was not ready to give it up, however, the opportunity to study in the US came up and i was able to get a study break from my company. I paid a visit to the Chanel boutique to get my lovely bag, but it wasn't available. The SA put me on a waitlist and just last week, i got a call to come pick my bag.

Armed with his credit card, i rushed off to the boutique. Who wants to see?