Something funny about my Perfo

  1. I was just recalling back about the last 4 times I went out to the mall and carried my Perfo Speedy, atleast 8-10 different times, women would ask, omg how cute, is there a dog in there? All I would answer was "no". When I told my coworker who bought me the bag as a Bday gift what happened, he went out and bought me a little stuffed puppy at the Hallmark store, and he says that way when they ask, I can say "yes".. (eek!!)
  2. how cute! and what a nice co-worker.

    Your Avatar is Super cute! is that your dog?
  3. ty..well my coworker then, is now an ex..and that's a friend's pup..if it was mine maybe i could've put him in my speedy :smile:
  4. ^ cute pup..

    I was reading up on the perfo speedy today and a lot of ppl commented that that happened to them too.. one member even said she was going to get a stuffed dog.. hahah im waiting to get mine so i guess ill do that too..hehehe
  5. really, :yes: wow, thanks for sharing..i'm so glad i joined this forum.
  6. LoL.
  7. lol! Funny coworker!
  8. funny coworkers! lol!!
  9. I wouldn't let these comments bother you. They are saying that because of the holes look like little airholes. It is kind of funny though. If you love that bag than enjoy it!
    By the way, that puppy in your avatar is adorable!!!
  10. You have a co-worker who buys you perfo as a birthday gift? I wanna come work for you!!

  11. Omg I just read that! Wow.....I can barely get my coworkers to get me a coffee when they go out.....never mind a LV!!! :push:
  12. LOL cute story!
  13. I have been asked them more times than i can count! its one of those things that doesnt really bother me but you have to be careful how you answer because you can come off like you are stuck up or superior or something. I LOVE MY actually thinking of buying the one in orange now that its available on eluxery again just to have another one when this one wears out!
  14. hahaha thanks for sharing!
  15. Cute, lol!