Someone saying they are me ! Identity theft !

  1. Hi everyone, Yesturday I was quite angry. I Found out that someone has set up a Hotmail e-mail address and is using it on MSN saying they are me. They are trying to start trouble with people at my High School. It is obviously someone from my High School who has set the Hotmail address up, the address has my first and last name in it and my OWN personal address hasnt got my name in it at all. Im upset of why someone would do this, its 100% someone I know. I do not know the fake address myself but people in school who it has added say that it has my first and last name in it. Ive tried to spread the word about it being fake but its very hard. It may also have added people I dont know :crybaby:. Yesturday I had sooooooo many exams and I was worring about this. Today Its my birthday and I really want to celebrate so I just dont want to think about this. Im so angry at the person who's behind this. When I get the address Im going to add it on my own personal address and tell it that if this does not stop I WILL report it. Im so upset. :sad:
  2. you need to contact MSN immediately IMO.
  3. I'm sorry Socialite. Some kids can be so mean :sad: I'm with Swanky, you need to contact MSN.

    Happy Birthday Socialite, hopefully your Bday is better than your day yesterday!
  4. You need to contact MSN immediately about this. I'm not sure how much they can do about it, but at least let them know that there is somone out there who is impersonating you and has your PRIVATE home address out there for the whole world to see.

    If MSN is smart, they will remove the email address and all of the information. I don't want to get you freaked out or anything, but that's pretty dangerous. You don't know WHO has seen your address.

    Have you ticked anybody off lately? Just trying to think of who would do something like that

    Hope your birthday gets better!!! :heart:3333
  5. I am sorry, that's terrible! Some people can be so sure to report this to MSN. Have a wonderful birthday today!
  6. Hi thanks for all your replys. I dont think they have my home address, I think they are just using my name and trying to add all my friends and even people I dont know, then the person who is doing this says that its me and is trying to stur up trouble. Im going to get the e-mail address tomorrow from someone I know, until then I will try and spread the word that its not me.
    I havent really had an arguement with somebody for ages, I can only Imagine that this person has a sick mind.
    My birthday has been great, Ive just come back from the theatre and it was amazing.
  7. Happy Birthday, Steve! Good for you--getting out to do something fun. I don't understand people doing such cruel things to others, but teens often don't consider the consequences of their actions (heck, a lot of "adults" don't either). I hope you can get it straightened out with MSN and the people you know. Best wishes.:heart:
  8. thankyou for your birthday wish. I totally agree with you. These teenagers are so immature and if they spent the amount of time they do trying to mess up peoples lives doing something worth while they would be alot better off.
    Like I can try and let everyone know In high school that its not my MSN address but I cant Imagine what this person is saying to people I dont even know. I can only hope MSN can help me. Thanks again :smile:
  9. First of all, Happy Birthday!

    If you are a minor, it might be better to have mom or dad talk to MSN. Even if they have not, at least yet, posted your address, if they are posting your real name without your consent, that is a direct violation of your privacy, and I am sure it is also a direct violation of the smart and safe internet security rules you have been taught at home and at school:

    Always keep offline info, including names, locations, names of family members, offline, except what is necessary to buy things :smile:

    What MSN will be able to do is contact the internet service provider of the person who set up the account with your name. Although they may not know who the person is, since it happened so recently, and because MSN does not want problems like this, especially involving minors, they will be able to talk with that internet service provider, who in turn will be able to check his or her own server logs, etc, and speak with the customer who opened the account. That might be the parent of the person who used your name, but by the time it gets to that, it will be so not your problem anymore!

    I am very sad to hear of this happening, you are not the first, and you won't be the last, unfortunately at some point MSN, Yahoo, Google, and everybody else will be obliged to require proof of identity to set up an email address!
  10. :party:
    Happy Birthday!!!

    BTW: Don't worry about that identity stealing sucker!!:yucky:
  11. OMG I would be so pissed off. Is there anything you can do??
  12. 1st of all happy birthday :smile:
    and 2nd you need to contact msn..hopefully they will help
  13. Happy Birthday!

    Its horrible what people are capable off. I agree w/ Shimmapuff, have your parents call msn. They may be able to track the IP address. If not, they should cancel the email address. Good luck and keep us posted!
  14. I'm sorry. People can be mean and do stupid things sometimes.