someone please talk me into this...

  1. A friend of mine is offering me her caviar leather coco cabas since I love it so much. Funny thing is now that she's offered it, I'm not sure if I want it... but I know that if I didn't buy it from her it would be another 100 years until I could find an authentic coco cabas in impeccable condition. Should I just go for it? A friend suggested that coco cabas' "IT" status has died down... and it's just another "trend" bag. And now I'm in a huge dilemma. I love my reissues and my classic flaps as they lasts me a lifetime, a classic. Do you think coco cabas would stand the test of time too? Please help, ladies :sad: suggestions much appreciated

  2. I thought it would be a trend bag as well...until I found myself grabbing for it every day. Its easy to access, it hangs well, it can hold only a wallet and a phone, to a makeup bag, diapers, bottles, wipes, wallet, other words its totally functionable! Its a little understated to, not having obvious logos all over it, I vote Classic! Get it! :yes:
  3. hm.. i dunno..
    but maybe u better ask urself if u really love the bag, or u just want it because a lot of people like it now..

    i bought my baby cabas because i really love it!!lol..and if people dont like it anymore, i wil still love i dont care if it just another trend or's just my opinion..

    anyway, good luck w/ ur decision!!!!
  4. If you love it, buy it. I have a bunch of "it" bags -- I love them and will wear them even if they go out of style.
  5. How much is she selling it to you for and can I buy it? ;)
  6. mama b, that's exactly what i love about it! It can fit gajillions of things.

    PinkPudding, aww you got the baby cabas! it's tres chic, what color is yours?

    guccifan, she's selling it for 1200, only worn a couple of times. guaranteed authentic, as I was with her when she picked it up at the boutique! (and been begging her to sell it to me ever since... lol)

    lulilu, an hermes fan too i see.. :yahoo:
  7. if she's selling it for $1200 then you'd be a crazyshopper NOT to buy it. LOL:roflmfao:
  8. ITA!! That is a STEAL!!! Classic bag or not, it's GORGEOUS, so if you love it, then you should definitely get it at that price!!! :nuts: :yes:
  9. Iluvbags, you are SOOO funny! :roflmfao:

    I know it's quite a steal, especially in the condition it's in. I guess it's set then... i'm definitely getting it. Will post pictures soon as I get them :yahoo: yaaaay!

    thanks for everything you guys :heart: this is why i love this forum, everybody is sooo nice!
  10. I think it's a trend bag.. Not sure though if it's going to last like the classics.. Anyway, if you really wanted the handbag, go for it since it's hard to find one these days anyway! :biggrin:
  11. 1200?!!! I'd buy it in a heart beat!! It's a STEAL! Go get it woman!!
  12. Go For It!!!!
  13. go for it!!! They are so hard to find and it is a beautiful bag for a great deal!!!
  14. 1200??? Its destined to be yours!!! :party:
  15. That is an awesome deal!! Congrats!