Someone needs to buy this NOW!

  1. wow thats a really good price!!
  2. ^^^it's in great shape too! I wish I didn't ban myself from buying right now! I may end up caving in!
  3. WOW!
    I'm on a self imposed spending ban too.
  4. Ahh the 35 would just be way too huge for me otherwise I'd scoop it up. It does look beautiful though :smile:
  5. Great buy! It won't last long, I'm sure ;)
  6. I just checked her other stuff. She got some other good stuff too, like mono speedy 25, cherry blossom pouchette, vernis red thompson street, etc. I wonder are they all authentic? Prices are really good too.
  7. thank you ladies it is now mine!!!!
  8. woah, that looks fake to me, the LVs are cute off by the handles and the bag is not symetrical.
  9. That's absolutely normal for the 35 IMO.

    btw, she's a MPRS so I don't think one can find an obvious fake sold by her?!
  10. The seller is a mypoupette approved seller. I checked a picture of a 35 on elux and the LVs are cut off by the handle as well, and the placement of everything else looks good. Its probably shaped strangely because it was folded.
  11. Congrats on the purchase !
  12. thats probably it...

  13. I'm not saying the bag is fake but just and FYI - You can't go by the photos on elux b/c sometimes they have prototypes and not what the actual bag will look like.
  14. The bag is in excellent condition!!! I hope some one on here bought it!!!