Someone may have a Mahala Electric Blue for me >>>

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  1. is 1700 a good price if its in good condition or should it be a bit lower if the person has used it?

    Are their specific authenticity shots that I can request? I have no idea what to look for to confirm.

    I am CLUELESS about JC bags and this may be the first one that I will ever get since I love the bag and the colour is incredible.
  2. I think it should be less if it's used, but if it is pristine and you want it and it is the only one you can find...this may be your bag. See if you can get pics to post and we will help authenticate.
  3. I concur with the above post. Post some photos here and I can compare to my bag to help you out. Unfortunately, there aren't serial numbers like with Balenciaga to help authenticate, but some of the knowledgeable members here are good at spotting differences in the details. BTW, the EB Mahala is a fantastic bag and holds up really well to use, so I highly recommend it.
  4. Thank you - I will keep you posted and show pics when they come over.
  5. Seems kind of high for a used bag to me.
    Isn't that's like only 100.00 off retail?
  6. If they say "only taken out once or twice", then its reasonable if its still in mint condition. That bag is impossible to find. But yeah, confirm authenticity above all.