Somebody talk me out of this....

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  1. Ok, y'all, I realize this is the absolute DUMBEST thing I could ever say given that just bought another Bridgit... but I just got the tattersall satchel, and it is a bit small I fear!! Or rather I find it inconvenient...I'm not quite sure how to explain myself on this one, lol!! :P So far I'm not feeling this bag AT ALL (although admittedly it was a very quick 5-minute fondle and try on).

    I guess in general I tend to purchase mostly big bags. The Bridgit is the one exception because it holds all my stuff, is very light and convenient to carry around (especially in a crowd where people are always hitting your bag!), and I think it's a small bag that makes a huge statment. I LOVE it (oh, and I also forgot to mention I have a turnlock flap fetish in general, lol!). Anyway, I think I may return this satchel and purchase the tote at Macys for Friends and Family. I don't like paying retail anyway unless I have to!! Maybe this is also why I'm not crazy about it...subconsciously anyway....

    So somebody talk me out of this!!! Do you think I'll get used to it??? It's definitely a style I don't normally purchase, but maybe there's a reason for that. I guess I'll sit on it till the weekend, though!

    Does anyone NOT like the satchel other than me???
  2. TBH baglady... I think the satchel is cute, BUT I don't think its an everyday wear bag... JMO... I like all the tattersall accessories, but I'm not sure I'm fond of the bags... If you like the tote better, I say go for the tote, especially if you aren't feeling the satchel... otherwise I say go for something that you can use year round... I'm not sure if you could use this bag year round? I don't know, I think its the whole tattersall print on the outside of the bag thats throwing me off... I LOVE it on the inside of bags as the lining... not so much as a bag though... Sorry, not sure if that helped? LOL
  3. I'm laughing cause I found the satchel pretty big-- and I carry big bags, too! Mandy, Large Carly, Lg Ergo Tote, etc. I've been using the Satchel all week and I really do like it now and it's feeling like a good size. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the zip top. I never close it but it's not "wide open". I'm used to totes or my Mandy that opens wide (does that make sense?). It is nice that things don't go flying out of it when it's in the car :tup:
    If you're not happy with it take it back. It's a lot of money not be totally happy! Glad you love your Bridgit!
  4. I too, like the tattersol accessories! I just got a swingpack and mini skinny. I don't think I could do a whole bag in Tattersall (of course I said I'd never own a Carly and now i have 6). If you are not loving it, why not get one of the newest bags coming out? Just a thought.
  5. I don't really like the bigger bags in the tattersal for some reason. I do like the small tote and the little accessories except I almost bought the wristlet but it felt "cheap" to me so I passed. It is cute though. I think if you do not love it then definitely return it !
  6. ITA!
  7. I would return the bag if it is not the right size. I like the look of the satchel, but I also think they can be inconvenient. I think the totes are cute.
  8. I really like the satchel but I'll bet you'd be happier returning it for something you like more.
  9. Thanks EVERYONE for sharing your opinions!! :flowers:

    Ktdid, ha,ha...that's too funny! I'm laughing because a SA in a store I was at this week told me the SAME thing (and had this WTF look on her face when I said it was small), lol! I even find bags like the Ali and the Mandy a little small too! ;) I do think the large ergo is large, though. I guess I was more comparing it to the Gigi, XL Lily, Abbey, larger totes, etc...but I definitely do have some smaller bags too! You're right, it's nice when things don't fall out of the bag. I admit I'm more for convenience and like the magentic snap or dog leash closures more. Even the turnlocks I like more than zippers.

    Coachgirl12, Mrs. MC, Admat97, and all make valid points! I also agree that the accessories are cuter than the bags. I guess I got used to the lining with all the Bleecker stuff, and that's too what I tend to associate it with. I do like the tattersall in bags, though, but I admit my problem is partially because overall I find the coated canvas to always look a bit cheap compared to the fabrics and leather bags. But I was determined to get one because they are so easy to wipe off (except for the leather and canvas trim, which is one reason I decided on the satchel style (less leather to care for)).

    Admat97, yeah, I was contemplating buying a pleated satchel or the ergo convertible tote anyway! I just might IF I get the $50 coupon. If not, I'm off the retail buys for a while!!

    Fashionista...YUP, I definitely find this inconvenient.... Both are cute styles I think, so I guess I can't to too wrong. Actually now that I look at it more, I'm wondering if the size issue is actually more the fact that it's inconvenient with the zipper and this shape bag...harder to get stuff in and out.

    Anyway, attached is the pic of the satchel with my tattersall wallet (I also have the matching wristlet). Unfortunately, this is not going to do with the bag, so I guess I will be getting another wallet!! I think I probably like the fabric tattersall much better than the coated canvas overall, but I sure didn't like that huge tote they came out with that matched the wallet!

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  10. I totally agree -I like the accessories, but not the bags - that satchel was small too. I'd say get something that works better for you!