Some SA's are clueless..

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  1. I just called the LV store in Tampa to check to see if they can have one of the panda pouchettes shipped to that store because I have a gift card to that Mall. I already called the 866 number and was told that there several available now. I could have it shipped to me directly but then I can't use my gift cards and I don't think I can slip that one by my husband. So when I asked him to look it up for me his reply was " Oh honey you must be mistaken we have not have those in for years" I tried to explain to him the situation that there are few left but he kept thinking that I was in a time warp or something. How come we know more about these bags than some employees? So frustrated I felt like such an idiot.
  2. Don't feel bad..why don't you ask to speak to the manager..
  3. Oh yeah. Same thing happened to be here at Fashion Valley. When somebody posted about the extra shipments that came in (I think LVbabydoll?) I called right away. The first girl on the phone didn't even know what the Panda line was. Then she transferred me to the manager who gave me total attitude, and kept saying that line was dc'ed a few years ago. She made it sound like I was crazy and making things up "Uhhh... we don't even get shipments from Japan". Stupid b**** was probably too lazy to go look it up.
  4. Tell him to check anyway, because you spoke to a rep at 866 and they said some stores do have them!
  5. Call back 866 and have them directly connect you to the store in question and they should brief this SA PRIOR to you being put on the phone.....
  6. make them check again.
  7. Sorry to hear this happened to you. This is the "new" attitude of many of the younger workers in the work force. Many people no longer want to go the extra mile to provide service and to help the customer. Unfortunately, these kind of workers are only there to get a paycheck. If you ever shop at a discount store, you will see this attitude time and time again. It is very sad to see it especially at a high end luxury store.
  8. ITA. ^:yes:

    Yes, there are a few bad apples out there. But of course there are some (see end of story below) who totally make up for it because they are great.

    I posted this on a another thread (it has to do with the new Damier Saleya MM handles). But it is a customer service issue for sure. And yes, the SA I refer to in my post was of the younger variety!

    Here the backstory: I purchased a Josephine PM from the LV boutique that I wasn't happy with because it had severely cut off LV's so I exchanged it for a Saleya MM in regular Damier (see thread for full story). I was torn between the GM and the MM because I loved the longer handles on the GM but it was too big fo rmy frame (5'4"). So I got the MM since I can still carry it on my shoulder but still wish it had the longer handles. Fast forward to yesterday -- I noticed that the Saleya MM Azur had longer straps than the regular Damier, so today I found out that the straps on the Damier MM are NOW BEING MADE WITH THE LONGER HANDLES and will ship to the stores in a few weeks!

    So, I replied to a post that I could return the bag for store credit and just wait for the new bag to come in.

    Here is my LONG reply:

    Yeah, but I just hate returning things and this would be my THIRD time going to the boutique for the same transaction, so to speak. I really don't want to return something that I just exchanged!

    It's just a hassle, I guess. We live at the beach and the store is in the city and just the thought of dealing with the traffic and parking is giving me a headache. And my poor husband will think I'm REALLY nuts! (When we were at the store, he said, "Now make sure this one isn't cut off or misaligned or anything!" :rolleyes: )

    Well, now I know why the SA (not my regular SA, just the first one we saw) was rushing me (when I was considering the different sizes) saying, "Oh, you should get the MM. It's the only one we have left." I'm a little ticked at her as well. Not only at the fact that she didn't tell me about the new handles on the new shipment of bags, but her service was kind of crappy. And now I'm getting more aggravated the more I think about it.

    Here's what happened:

    Her first words to us after I told her I had to exchange something were, "How would you like to pay for that?" :confused1: And I said, "Ummm, I haven't chosen a replacement for my exchange yet." (D'Oh!) :wtf:

    And since it was an exchange, she didn't really seem to want to spend too much time with me (I guess they are on commission? I didn't think they were!) and after a whole two minutes with me, she said nothing except ask how we were going to pay for the balance (the Saleya was more than the Josephine) and then asked for my ID and swooped up my exchange and my Saleya and disappeared. Now, the SA's usually tell you to follow them to the cashier, then they introduce you to the cashier, then they tell you that it will be a minute or two so the guys in back can wrap it (get a box). Then you pay and interact with the cashier. Then the SA usually comes back and goes behind the counter and brings it out to you. But not this time. She just left. So I thought she was going to bring out some paperwork or something for the exchange or whatever. I thought she would at least come back to me. But she didn't, so I waited. And waited.

    I didn't see the SA anywhere. So I walked back towards the cashier. Then she just brushed past me with another bag for another customer. Alrighty then! So I went to the cashier. Next thing I knew, the cashier called out my name and started to ring up my sale, but then the other cashier stopped her and said it was already rung up. So then the cashier just asked for my signature and then I went off to the side and just waited and waited and I watched the people who had been in line behind me collect their packages and leave. So, my husband came back from looking around the store and asked why it was taking so long. At that time my SA from LAST Christmas walked by and recognized us and said hi and asked us how we were. He actually remembered us from LAST year! And I haven't bought anything from the boutique since then because I only do eluxury now because it's such a hassle to get to the store!! In any case, he asked if we were being taken care of properly and my husband said that I'd been waiting a while for my package so HE went in back to look for it. And then he came out because he couldn't find it and then went behind the counter and it had been sitting there next to the cashier the whole time and NO ONE had bothered to let us know. I guess the lazy SA who had "helped" me earlier was supposed to come back to give it to me but she never did!!

    So, I thanked my guy and he apologized for the wait and I told him that I promised to call him to make sure he was there before I ever bought anything from that store again. He was so incredibly sweet and helpful and I wish all SA's were like him.

    Anyway, now you know why I am reluctant to go back to that store to return this bag. :confused1: Plus, I haven't used the bag except to take photos of it for TPF, but I did let my dog pose in it for the photos (see avatar and Saleya Spokesmodel thread), remember? So, I really couldn't return it anyway. It's back under the tree.

    It's OK, I still love the bag :love: and my arms are actually small enough to carry this bag as is (with the shorter handles) on my shoulder. But the longer handles would've been nice, that's all. I mean, someone must have noticed that the longer straps would me more comfortable if they changed the design, right? :shrugs:
  9. Some SAs are new and LV gets new staff quite frequently, but I agree with you that if the SA didn't know what you were talking about then it is HIS RESPONSIBILITY to check on it with his superior/manager. Some people are just lazy bums, blah!!! lol

    I don't think that SA who left you is clueless which is what we're talking about in this thread. I think she just left you cuz she was annoyed with you coming 3 times to choose a bag. Some SAs are like that, but I htink it's understandable. You should just be sure that what you buy is really what you WANT in the first place.:sweatdrop:
  10. Wow, sounds so frustrating. Enjoy your bag and have a Merry Christmas.

    Follow up to my story- I told my husband about the SA who was clueless and he said "give me my phone I am calling the store - with all the money that we have spent in that store we could have bought a small car by now". Anyway we spoke with the manager who is very nice and she can do a store transfer on the 27th for the panda pouchette. She did not know either that pandas were back. (We also let her know about how rude the first SA was)
  11. Nope. It is also the consumers prerogative to change their mind if they do not like their purchase, and to exchange/return it. You seem to be really not liking the fact that people may dissatisfied with their purchases or Sales Associates. Some of your posts reflect the attitude that rich or elite people are not nitpicky, don't mind small faults, and if they don't like an item they should just toss it aside, go to the store and buy themselves another one.

    If a purchaser doesn't like something for whatever reason, they have all the right to return it and get another product that satisfies them.

  12. No. It is NEVER "understandable" to treat a customer (or anyone) like that. It's just plain poor customer service and outright rudeness.

    Sorry, but you must have misunderstood my post. This was only the first time I ever returned anything, ever. The hypothetical THIRD time was referring to the drive to the boutique in response to someone's suggestion that I return the bag I have now, which I won't. If you read my post again carefully, it says it "would be my third time going to the boutique" meaning if I had to drive there again. And to further clarify, I NEVER return anything, ever. I think I mentioned in the beginning that I hate returning things!

    The clueless part does apply to this post because the SA did not inform me about the bag handles and the new shipments after I had mentioned that I wanted the longer handles that were on the GM (I confirmed today with that store and since THEY knew, then the SA's are or should be aware of this -- hence "clueless" or misinformed or they just don't care) and now I feel that she was rushing me to buy a bag that was about to be discontinued or sent back anyway.

    I do buy things that I know I really want, but if something goes wrong with it or a customer is unhappy with it at all, then a customer absolutely has the right to bring it back.

    This is exactly why I usually only shop at eluxury. No lines, no traffic, no parking issues and no rude SA's! :roflmfao:

  13. ^^As a SA it is thier job to have as much information about a product as possible, and give it to the customer if they need it. It is also their responsibility to provide service to the customer whenever they require it.

    IMO, providing a service is the same whether you are a SA, a teacher, a doctor, whatever. Should a doctor get annoyed at a patient for taking up their time if the patient visits repeatedly saying that they are dissatisfied with the medications provided or test results? Should a teacher be angry with a student if they meet up with the teacher over and over again when they are unable to solve a problem? Negligence or not caring or not providing correct information gets the above providers (doctors, teachers) sued!
  14. I agree that a customer has all the right to return/exchange a product for whatever reason, I NEVER said that it's WRONG to do so. And yes, YOU should get back to topic because you seem to enjoy countering all my posts in this forum, what exactly is YOUR PROBLEM with me? I have my opinion, period. Also, WHEN in this thread did I say the above sentence that I bolded??? My attitude in life is that before doing anything, a person should always be prepared. Throughout my life, I have always been responsible and i do my OWN RESEARCH far in advance before tempting to actually perform the task, which is also one of the reasons I'm in Medecin today, because doctors are PREPARED for everything. When I go to a store, I know exactly what I want to buy, and then leave after the purchase. I find it inconsiderate if you just go to a store and ask MANY questions, 'waste' the SAs time (including your own, or at least, MY time is precious to me), and still not being able to make up your mind. Yes, it's the SA's JOB to show you this and that, but being a compassionate and considerate person, I try to put myself in the SA's position. Being a soon-to-be COMPASSIONATE doctor for the people around me, I also find your 2nd post funny because I know that for EVERY 15mins of a doc's TIME (where I live), they get PAID which is why they can AFFORD to spend extra time with their patients. Perhaps my speech and thoughts are bold and unconventional, but this is what makes me unique amongst millions of others who have not achieved as much as I have for I am the top 1% of youngsters in Canada.

    PS: In the future, please do not use your prejudice against me to counter all my posts. Thank you.
  15. So true, next time ask 866 which stores they are available in so the dingy SA can look it up easier.