some questions about ebay (not authenticity)

  1. Hi ladies-

    I need help from the more experienced ebay sellers here. I had an item sell on ebay last Friday morning. In my payment instructions I asked the winning bidder to please contact me within 3 days to verify address and payment and to complete payment within 7 days. I have yet to hear from the winner at all. I did send a separate congratulations message through ebay (in addition to the invoice) and then yesterday I sent an email to the winner (in case she had not logged into ebay for some reason). I know that 7 days haven't passed yet, but what should I do next. I assume I need to wait til Friday to file a non-paying bidder, but is there anything else I should do sooner so that I can show ebay that I have attempted to complete the sale on my end. Also, I did have other bidders, so what is the procedure for offering the next highest bidder a second chance offer? Does ebay decide when I can do this or can I do it once 7 days pass? Also, what do I do about feedback?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I don't use ebay often.

    thanks in advance :yes:
  2. You can give her a call. I've done this a number of times when they aren't responding via email.

    When you are "in a transaction" with another eBay member you can use the item number & username to search for their contact information.

    Go to the "Advanced Search" then "Find Contact Information" is on the left-hand:
    eBay Search: Find Contact Information

    Good luck!
  3. thanks for the info. Do you suggest I call her today or should I wait for the 7 day mark to pass? I don't want to seem too pushy or agressive.
  4. i think you can give her a call on the 5th or 6th day.
    because the 7th would be like the ultimatum day.
    i hope that your transaction works :P
    i know the feeling of waiting... i cross my fingers for u girl...
  5. I agree with seahorse. And I totally understand your frustration! On the 7th day, if you have not heard back, I would either re-list or contact the 2nd highest bidder, per Ebay's rules.
    Personally, when I buy something on Ebay, I pay within minutes, simply because I feel the sooner I pay, the sooner I get what I bought.
    I suppose the person could have put in a maximum bid, and then left on vacation, winning the auction in the meantime. So perhaps there IS a good excuse for them not contacting you. Maybe. Just trying to spin the postive.
  6. i happen to be a non paypal ebayers. but i agree with bbagbubba, when i win an auction, i contacted the seller imeediately to let her know when and how i'll pay them.
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  8. Wait until the 7th day to do anything like calling her. She has 7 days to pay you, so there's no need to rush her. If she hasn't paid by the 8th day, file a NPB report. You will be able to let eBay know that you have tried contact and that no response was received.
  9. You can offer the second highest bidder a second chance by going into the bid history. I would esplain to the 2nd highest bidder that you never heard from the high bidder.
  10. Yes... file a Non paying bidder dispute... then offer a second chance. This has happened to me before.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. I just checked the winner's bidding history (to see if she has logged on since the sale) and it seems like she is bidding a ton. She has several different auctions (over 50) that she has either won or is high bidder on in the last week. It looks like she is paying on some quickly and not on others. I must admit that I don't have a good feeling about this. I wonder if she is one of those people who doesn't realize that a bid is a binding contract to buy the item at the price? Anyway, I am going to wait until tomorrow (one full week since auction ended) and then file a NPB.
  12. Don't relist without filing the unpaid item and waiting for that to finish or you could find yourself with two winners and a big problem.
  13. This is true plus you miss out on your relisting credit as well, if you don't file the unpaid item filing.