Some pre-sale bags listed from sp '09

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  1. Just a few including a blueberr havana!
  2. Lots of nylon travel bags that weren't even in the pre-release pdf...
  3. My DD has been looking for a messenger bag, I'm thinking about pre-ordering a Bedford one for her, but I don't know which color. It's definitely between Olive, Chocolate, and Smoke.
  4. Man that blueberry in the Havana Hobo is gorgeous...
  5. I saw the nylon ones, but not the blueberry Havana.
  6. Blueberry and Brandy Lorcas are up as well.
  7. ok, so now we know that the trophy blue is blueberry. And the leather for the trophy and havanas is going to be more substantial than it was on the sloanes.
  8. wait where'd you see that hide_fiend?? Sounds lovely. :tup:
  9. Well, there have been pics of a blue can see it in the modeled pic of the brandy since they use one palette of colors each season, that blue has to be blueberry, especially since the havana is blueberry. I'm just playing detective, but I bet I'm on to something. And I can tell by the pics that the leather on the havana is thicker than my sloane.
  10. The leather did look thicker than my old sloane...hmm I think you're correct. That'll be a gorgeous Trophy too. :drool:
  11. I'm definitely yearning for a more cuddleable trophy than my (much-loved) TCP.
  12. I have the ICP Trophy and I'm still undecided about it...I DO know thought that I absolutely love the bag itself, just not sure on the leather. So I'm definitely hoping they bring in some softer leathers too!
  13. HOLY CRAP, the PRESIDENT code is working on the pre-order stuff!
  14. yup, I pre-ordered some Iskia wedges in eucalyptus yesterday and it worked. :yes:
  15. Okay, so the original blueberry leather, such as the Sloan bags wasn't as substantial as say, older bags, like the Havana, yet the new blueberry leather will be more substantial?
    I did go back to the HH site, and instead of clicking on New Bags, I cliked on All Bags and did see the blueberry Havana, Lorca and the Brandy Havana and Lorca. I imagine I missed a few others. Distracted, sick kid, again.