some one selling there invatation

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  1. i know time are hard but this is just wrong some one on ebay selling invite for tomorrow .item number 300784133503
  2. Report this on Customer Service. Do you know their #?
  3. What does it matter.... people here give coupons away and sell them on ebay...
    If someone is dumb enough to pay for something they can just registrar for tell me who the idiot is .... ?
  4. seller is : s.m.haze sold for 12 dollars .
  5. This ^^
  6. For some people who don't have the chance to get the invite to the online outlet, it is a chance at a coupon. Maybe they're not on tpf.

    However, to sell for $12.50, it doesn't seem worth the effort. You have to pay ebay. Might as well give it away!

    In terms of ethics, well we are talking handbags, here! No great tragedy. Not the same as if you stole something.
  7. Some people just want money so desperate....I saw someone selling 30% from outlet store....
  8. :goodpost: