Some of the BV threads deserve stickies!

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  1. I have noticed that the BV forum only has one stickie at the top. There are a few threads that are of a more permanant nature that should be stickied since they generate ongoing discussion. My suggestions:

    I don't think this board needs to become top-heavy (where you need to scroll a full page to get to new threads!), but I think the above threads fall into the stickie category.

    what does everyone think?
  2. Great idea, we will be able to reference these threads so much easier. Mods, can we sticky these please?
  3. Yes, please. :yes:
  4. Absolute total agreement! Stickies on these threads please!
  5. sure! Let me look at them and see. . . .
  6. OK, done!
    I just didn't sticky the Bluefly thread, technically, we should be using the regular AuthenticateThis! sticky.
  7. Wah Swanky Mama, you’re a fast worker indeed!!! Many thanks!!! :tup:
  8. Thank you so much!! And good call on the celebs thread.
  9. :yes:

    Love the celebs thread! Thanks Swanky Mama!