Some of my designs- thought I would share

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  1. Hi! I just had a photoshoot for some of my clothing designs so I though I would post a few on here to get feedback on what you all think! I love love love fashion and hope to pursue a future in fashion design (keep in mind I am still in high school) Anyways, here they are (hopefully more to come):
  2. very cute .. im loving the middle outfit!
  3. Oh wow! Super cute stuff. :smile:
  4. love all of them!
    how lucky are you to be in HS and have a shoot for your clothing line??!! wow!
    i love the first dress. on the middle one i would move the model's hair so the top can be seen better.
  5. You are so talented! I love the last dress.
  6. Very cute! Many wishes for a bright fashion future ahead!!!
  7. I love the modeling pic.
    But somehow I cannot focus on the clothes or maybe your charm take away the dress. hah......

    JK!! I like the 1st one since I can see the design better.

    Good wishes to your future!!
  8. I love the clothes! I'm so jealous! How do you get to design the clothes while still in HS?
  9. I love love love the first one! I would totally buy it!

    You are so talented and should be so proud of yourself :yes:. Obviously you have a bright future ahead of yourself!
  10. Thanks so much everyone for your supportive comments! I will make sure to post more of the photos from the shoot when I get time (there are about 350 pictures I need to go through ;)).
    oscarcat729- I basically just design and sew on my free time, it takes a lot of time and practice.
  11. Wow! I wish I knew how to sew clothes... or design clothes... or had talent! Haha. But your designs are great. I can't wait to see more!
  12. Cute! I would so wear that stripped dress!

    ETA: I do think having the model's hair in front of the clothes is a bit distracting as it hides part of the design.
  13. You have such talent! Great designs. I would totally buy that striped dress as well !
  14. Congrats on the shot and love your designs.
  15. Cute stuff! You are very talented!