Some of my bags...

  1. that I keep at the bf's house...
  2. WOW very nice!! love your speedys the azur is amazing, and what are those other 2 called (not the white epi) but the whitish and blackish with the LV"s (sry im not so versed in LV) whatever they are they are so beautifuL!
  3. wow!
    great collection!
  4. VERY nice collection! I love that Mini Lin Dune Speedy!!!
  5. love the denim neo speedy and the white speedy TO DIE FORRR !!!
  6. if thats just some i cant wait to see the whole collection !
  7. Beautiful bags!!
  8. I love your white Epi!!!
  9. Wow, great collection!!! I love everything you have especially your white speedy.
  10. very pretty! congrats!
  11. Hot collection! :smile:
  12. i love ur speedy collection...very nice!! is that a white YSL muse at the back? ;)
  13. i luv the denim speedy!
  14. just curious... are u getting a speedy damier canvas, mono, & multicolore? i think you should! sorry can't help it! :graucho:
  15. great collection. love them all. gorgeous speedys