some inside information...[LONG]

  1. so i was totally not expecting to go to KOP anytime soon but ended up going today. immediately knew the LV boutique would get me in trouble but even though i didn't end up buying anything (i have no money!!!) i was still lusting over the things i want.

    i finally saw the look book! and i know there have been some questions about the new dune color in mini lin, i'm not sure if anyone has actually seen the color in person, but the store had in a pair of shoes and i got to see the color IRL. everyone was right, it does seem to have a slight tinge of olive pigment in the fabric, but it's not significant. however it may be enough for me to take the bag off of my to-get-list and add in something else. i will have to actually see the actual bucket before i decide what i want.

    SA also told me some new information about a possible NEW COLOR IN VERNIS. she told me it is a concrete idea that LV is considering right now to be released possibly in the fall. look book probably released sometime around june/july. don't think there is a name for the color yet, but it is going to be like a black cherry. at night and in dim lighting it will look dark, almost black. in other lights it will have a purplish/burgandy/red tinge to it. she showed me a picture of what this color may look like in inclusion accessories, even though it was hard to tell because it was on a flat sheet of dull paper. she also compared it to a nail color chanel came out with a couple years ago called VAMP. you can search for the color on eBay.

    i also saw the sporty bag and I AM IN LOVE. to be released in may. so waitlisting for this in ebony damier. the azur version was also really cute but i like the vachetta light better on azur and there's a lot of vachetta on this bag. plus i don't have anything in ebony damier. i know a lot of people have tried to describe it but i will also try my best. SA told me it will be about the size of a speedy 30. it has longer (adjustable, i believe) handles that come down the front of the bag, similar to the straps on a bucket bag. it comes in only ebony damier and damier azur (from what i could see) -- it also has the gold inventeur plate on the front. if you turn the bag to the side, the side image looks almost identical to a ribera. i decided i have to have. i believe retails for about $1470.

    lastly, i haven't heard anyone talk about this, but since there are so many batignolles fans on the forum, i'm not sure if anyone knew that the horizontal will also will be available in dentelle. that's probably old news but i haven't heard anyone talk about it so i thought i would say so.

    i think that's it! sorry this was so long. lol. totally waitlisting for a damier sporty! the regular ebony color was so SHARP! oh, and btw, saw pomme for the first time IRL today...i need something in that color...
  2. ooh that new vernis colours sounds HOT!!!!
  3. I was going to go to KOP Lv today! I went to Saks instead but now plan to go to KOP Monday. Just mentioned that because I always hope to meet a PFer at LV!!
  4. OMFG New Vernis colour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love this Idea, just saw the colour on eBay VAMP and its sooooooooooooo Hot
  5. Thank you so much for the info!!! Two questions; is the sporty a shoulder bag, and, are the straps coming down in front of the bag or on the side? Ok, two more questions; are there pockets on it? Someone mentioned pockets on the side-is there one on the front as well? Do you remember how much leather is on the damier apart from the straps?

  6. yes, lol i probably got just a little too excited in the store when she told me about a possible new vernis color :yahoo:
  7. if they make that vernis color, it's gonna sell like wildfire.
  8. Sorry, one more question: do you think it is a soft bag or does it look more structured?
  9. thanks! i think damier fans have been waiting for a black or close to it, so this sounds exciting!
    i gotta see that darn sporty...i still can't picture it too well, but i appreciate your description....
  10. i believe it is like a shoulder bag. i'm pretty sure the straps are adjustable like they are on a bucket. the straps come down in the front and on the back. i also believe the corners of the bag has either vachetta or brown leather, depending on whether you get an ebony damier or an azur. looks like a lot of leather. and i didn't notice any side pockets, however there was no image of the back of the bag, only the front and side. there could be a zipper compartment on the back, however the side looked identical to the side of a ribera so i do not see how there could be a pocket on the side since it looks like the zipper comes down about half way the side of the bag...
  11. awesome info! Thanks!!
  12. definitely looks more structured, but don't quote me on that, it's hard to tell. the ribera is very structured and it reminded me a lot of the ribera because i had a mini sitting next to me while i looked at the photo and the sides of the bags were almost identical. but with it being the size of a speedy 30 (about 12" long) the canvas could soften up.
  13. Oooh I used to have that colour in the Chanel nail polish - vamp.
  14. Thank you- can`t wait to see a picture!
  15. OMG need the new vernis color!!

    Thanks so much for the info!