some hermes i found on japanese bags magazine :p

  1. [​IMG]

  2. That Picotin looks cute with the Carmens on it! :nuts: What's the envelope bag in the middle?
  3. It's called the Lydie. It's one of my favorite bags of all time.
  4. I have the Lydie (vintage). It's really a small bag, the kind you would take to lunch. It is extremely flat. A compact, comb, cash, that's it. Otherwise the shape is ruined.

    I love it though. One of those circumstances where the seller did not know what they had.
  5. Is the last picture a mini croc kelly?
  6. So freaking Hot!
  7. Thanks for the info about the Lydie! :love:
  8. Love those croc bags!
  9. Thanks for the pics
  10. Thanks for posting :yes:
  11. Love all of them!
  12. Lovely pictures, thank you for posting!