Some gorgeous LVs and the women carrying them

  1. One of my fave blogs
    had some pics of some truly beautifully dressed women and their LVs. I'd like to share them with you and hopefully get you addicted to this blog.

    Straus GM in what looks like Beige
    Suhali Lockit (GM?) in Noir
    Suhali L'ingenieux PM in Blue
  2. Very cool! I love the bags but I want that black, pink & white dress!
  3. Thanks for posting these awesome pics! :tup:

    That Stratus GM looks FREAKIN HUGE on her!!! :wtf: It almost seems as if she could use it as a messenger... :roflmfao:
  4. WOW, thanks for sharing --- LOVE the blog.

  5. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I think she should have gone with the Nimbus. Even the Cirrus would looked grat on her (but its prob lees pratical).
  6. cool photos... thanks
  7. THanks for posting, they look great, allthough I'd have to agree that the cloud bag is way too big, it looks a little strange. =-/
  8. Thank you for sharing - love the photography!!
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm loving the Suhali L'ingenieux PM in Blue.
  10. great pics....i love the satorailist!
  11. Nice pics, thanks for sharing!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing, I always love those kind of sites!!! :smile: