Some birkin questions for the wise.

I am learning a lot lately about birkins. I have some easy questions for the experts... Can someone explain to me the differences between the leathers, Togo, Clemence etc.? In exotics what are the different types and price ranges? Is lizard a less expensive and great alternative to Croc? In terms of colors, when I walk into Hermes, and I see ____________ I should think, "Wow that is a special and rare Birkin and I should definitely consider buying it because I won't see it again (provided I like it in my own personal taste too!)" For example I have never seen one with gold that rare. Or if you cannot say... then if I walk into Hermes what is a commonly seen Birkin... something I should pass on if I want something special. Sorry if these questions are too easy for you guys, or if they have been answered before. If so, can you post the link? Thank you so much and happy holidays.


Nov 8, 2006
I spent the last few days reading over the Hermès Reference Library thread. I learned a lot about the different leathers, colors, prices. I think I've narrowed down what I'm looking for.

I also found out that they don't take phone orders so now I have to wait until I go on vacation to try and find one. Oh well, no rush.


Fellow "Passionista"
Nov 20, 2005
You would really enjoy looking through Hermesgroupies thread in reference libray Art! Togo is less slouchy than clemence. togo leather generally has larger pebble-like grain than clemence( not in my birkin though, it looks like clemence:shrugs:, my kelly in togo does have the characteristic larger pebble like grain) Togo may have veining in the leather too. Both are good in wet weather.
Lizard is WAY less expensive than croc. By a long shot.
Depending on location prices vary. In Canada a 30cm croc ends up to $40, 000 with taxes included. I know a 25cm kelly, is 20k.
I think any croc Kelly is rare:drool: , certain colors are more than others. Bicolor kellys are rare too, here anyhow.
Here, it seems as though kellys are not as rare as the Birkin. I have seen MANY kellys in various colors on the shelf here. It is a fluke when a birkin is on the shelf. Hope this helps Art!:P


Feb 28, 2006
Hermesgroupie did a huge thread on all of the leather similarities and diffs.

Lizard only comes in very small Birkins and Kellys and is better suited for evening or ocassional use only. NOT an everyday bag.

Croc is also not an everyday kind of skin and not what I'd recommend for your first Birkin. Also, you can get three regular Birkins for the price of one croc.
Art, I'd suggest Togo, Swift, Clemence, Chevre, Box or ostrich (much more) for you at this time. :smile:

Every Birkin on a shelf is a rare Birkin. There are no "easy to find" Birkins that should be left behind because they are too common or what-not.
The Birkin you should have is the one you can't live without.


Aug 23, 2006
Actually, it's probably easier to see/get the exotics at the Hermes store....the crocos, lizards etc. They are expensive relative to the normal leathers so priced beyond the spending comfort zone of most people (me anyway). It's the normal leathers that you seldom see on display.