some advice pleaaaaase

  1. i was just wondering what you all thought..Im on a tight budget and can only afford to get one bag this month *which will be my only new bag for awhile* and I have been debating on whether to get the LV pochette or the Gucci belt bag..I have been wanting both..but alas, thats not possible. Which one would you pick??! I am torn :sad:
  2. Definitely not a monogram LV pochette. If anything the epi leather LV pochette (classy and timeless) is the best option! Or else I would go with the Gucci belt bag which is not as played out.
  3. Do you have any pics? Ill check them out online...
  4. A pouchette would go with more outfits.. it will probably be more versatile. :smile:
  5. LV pochette. I really don't like belt bags. It reminds me of old ladies in windbreakers. =X
  6. hmmm, i don't like the full pochette, but i lOVE the mini pochette. think about her. or even the mini speedy hl.
  7. Get a different Gucci, but not the LV.