Some advice on which bag to choose

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  1. Hello lovely people,

    I needed some advice, I have a choice between getting an Artsy or a Delightful for my next LV purchase, and can't choose between the two. Could anyone tell me the pros and cons of both bags, so that I can finally make a decision?

    Thank you :smile:
  2. I have both bags ang I prefer the look of the artsy but I use my delightful more. The delightful molds to my body better and the handle is more comfortable.
  3. I love my delightful !! I tried the artsy but the handle was a tad to uncomfy !!
  4. Artsy fan here :smile: Was my first purchase last year and I've loved carrying it. It really is so beautiful. Is it my most comfortable bag? Probably not, but if I need a more comfortable bag for a certain event, I just switch it out :smile:
  5. I love my Artsy! The Delightful doesn't age well at all in my opinion.
  6. I've had the Artsy and have two Delightfuls (OM MM and NM MM in DE) and both are great hobo bags. The Artsy is definitely easy on the eyes and the interior pockets are helpful for keeping your interior organized but the handle was extremely stiff and uncomfortable (ended up rubbing my shoulder raw to the point it bled) and it's quite a bit heavier, so not exactly ideal if you plan to wear it for a long period of time...because of this I ended up selling mine.
    The Delightful is more of a workhorse, although it's still very appealing to look at, that is very light weight and has a nice wide strap that makes wearing the bag a joy for hours on end (I often forget I'm wearing it). The downside is that it only has one zippered pocket on the interior, so it's something of a giant cavern, some women notice it likes to slip off the shoulder more than the Artsy, and that it likes to slouch (if you want a bag that holds its shape well then the Delightful may not be for you, but if you love a slouchy hobo then this is heaven).

    Both are open-top designs although the Delightful has a little clasp, like the NF, to help keep your things inside while the Artsy doesn't and relies more on the shorter handle drop/being closer to your body for security. Try on both bags, with your usual things inside, if you can and wear them for a few minutes. You'll be able to tell which one will be a better fit for you lifestyle quite quickly.
  7. Delightful
  8. Thanks for everyones input, I'm leaning towards the delightful.. but going to LV tomorrow to make my final decision :smile: