Some additional news about spring colors

  1. I was visiting one of my favorite Bal SAs yesterday and she showed me a picture of some of the spring quilted bags that she got from an SA in France. Anyway, the vert d'eau color seems to be like a seafoam color! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. OMG!!!! What else did you see? I wish Bal was making quilted wallets!
  3. there wasn't much else in the picture except a quilted bag in what I am assuming is the natural color (a bone color) and a brown quilted bag.

    The SA did say that there is also a pretty deep ocean blue and she also thought that there was going to be another color called blue glacier (sort of a deeper more blue version of ice blue).
  4. the pretty deep ocean blue is not blue india? ooooh I'm excited!
  5. Woowwwwwweeee! Sounds fabulous. When dya think these will hit the shops?
  6. No more Mas NO MORE :P
  7. OMG I'm excited..Did you see Turquois color?? I'm waiting for that color..and also is it pretty much same turquois color as 05 S/S?