soleil Miel or Gold- Help and Suggestion Pls!

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  1. Hi all

    Getting a Jige PM

    Colours avail
    soleil miel and gold epsom
    Which colour shud I go for?

    I love the soleil but think miel and gold r neutral colours
    Whts better? Gold or miel?
    Have seen gold before never miel? Gold will come with white stitching? Wht abt miel? What's an easier colour??

    I am confused which of these colours to go for- soleil will be in bright but I will eventually have this colour on a birkin- does it matter?!?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think gold or miel are better choices. It's handheld, so with soleil, I think it will show dirt a bit easier. I would personally choose miel, which is honey colored. Gold is very casual, miel can go up a notch if you need to dress up a little. Soleil is great in bigger bags, jmho.
  3. Is miel with white stitching like gold or not??
  4. Gold n miel

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  5. lol, I was JUST about to post Icechick's miel from the ref section for you!! Miel is a little darker than gold irl...
  6. I'd vote for gold. The white contrast stitching further accentuates its classic lines. :yes:
  7. Are these the only colors you are considering? I think the jige PM is GREAT in really BRIGHT pop colors...and they are pretty easy to find too. It's the type of bag that I would try a really random color...PMs are really like wallet sized, so ask your SA to do a search on what's available. I'll bet you can get some nice choices...
  8. I am not sure how I'm going to wear miel- I feel gold is more neutral as a colour n easier to use?? I've never seen miel irl.... I can't find soleil anywer on forum but founf one on google which I'd not authentic I think but just for colour idea sake how it wud look on jige gng to post it
  9. Even miel has white stitching
  10. Idea of hw soleil wud look like

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  11. I know a lot of people look great with gold, but I had a gold birkin and had NO idea how to wear it. It always looked funny with whatever I wore, which is predominantly blacks, greys, navys, dark colors. On the other side, I wear crazy brights like Pucci, so the gold didnt' go with that either!! I tend to dress more formally, so perhaps that had something to do with it. I do however manage to use my soleil kelly a lot even in the winter, so go figure! Olivia Palermo uses her jige to no end, and looks AMAZING. I think it's all in the mindset. :P
  12. I have to be honest, not a fan of the jige in soleil...go for gold or miel.

  13. I was looking for vert anis soleil miel n gold and 3 of them happen to be avail
    I don't want reds as I have many red bags n clutch too
    I have an orange birkin didn't want the same colour in jige
    Pm is not wallet sized
    Wallet size is mini.
    this is 29 cm in length and almost 20 cm in width (11.5x7.5 inches)

    It is in epsom n lined in toile
    Price 2150

    Also avail in tadelakt 2200 usd - rouge vif etoupe and fauve- but I feel tadelakt scratch easily upon use and epsom will last me longer and won't wear as much??
  14. Oh sorry, I was thinking of the mini... I think epsom is a great clutch leather. It will look brand new even after a lot of use.
  15. Thank you hermesmonkey- very confused which colour to get.... I feel both meil n gold will be a very casual- can imagine them only with jeans... Can't imagine wearing them with dresses- maybe I'm not a brown neutral person? I can only imagine wearing gold or miel with a black dress or jeans n tee or shirt... I guess it goes with white yellows and browns too... Hehe I am over thinking things!