Sold New Purse And Now Buyer Says

  1. The purse is in "horrible condition. The purse I sent was brand new with tags and i always verify everything when I mail out. She says the clasp is broken. I sent it in its bag in a box that it fit well in. She states that i should have packed it better with tissue paper....Tissue paper wouldnt have made a difference. This is her first purchase and i dont want to make it tought for her, but I truly believe that she may have already had a purse like it and it broke so she purchased mine and wants to send the other back. The purse was orig $250 and she bought it for $130. I asked for pics and she sent them but they were really dark and i couldnt see anything. I asked that she lighten them up and resend them and she now says she wont because the pics she sent were fine.

    I am an honest seller with great feedback on all my items I sell and this just really pisses me off because I know what that purse looked like when I mailed it out.

    What to do?
  2. Here we go with another bad buyer, eBay is getting worse by the day....
    Tell her to resend better pictures & keep us informed as to how this comes out.
    Btw,why do you think she has another one of these bags?
  3. Did you wrap the bag in something or just put it in the box? I always wrap bags, even if they are in their dustbag. It just makes good sense, as well as it looks nice. I think buyers are happier if they see you took care packing the bag.
  4. Wow - this is a tough one. Esp because she is a new buyer.... what do you think is reasonable / fair? If you are worried trust you gut feeling.
    What was your policy on returns?????
  5. I wrap all bags in bubble wrap, around dustbag, with bag stuffed inside with tissue. this protects both the inside and the outside of the bag in case the box gets banged up. If you add small details, like ribbon, stickers, makes for a happier buyer. Good luck with this seems that there are many unhappy campers out there looking for refunds!
  6. 2 words, lady...2 words.

    Security. Tag.

    I know this doesnt help you now, but in the future, you can prevent any of this balonkee crap from happening just by attaching a simple tag. If the buyer wants to use the bag or pull some bait and switch scheme, she is stopped short by a security tag that clearly identifies the bag as yours
  7. She decided to neg me with resolution so I had no choice but to do the same.

    SHE THEN SENDS ME AN EMAIL SAYING SHE LEFT ME A MESSAGE ON MYSPACE.COM. I dont even use myspace although i did sign up a looooong time ago to hear a song from my cousin.

    In the header she wrote "TWAT! :hysteric:

    and in the text she wrote thanks for the ugly purse.

    WTF is that? she is probably a very young girl who doesnt know how eBay works. At least by her pic she looks young.

    Can i get the neg removed? How?
    I blocked her from myspace, but didnt know how on eBay. I am going to try and find out now,.

    You should do the same with her. babsnoir is her id on ebay.
  8. What an awful buyer! She called you a twat?! Nice...real nice! I would not worry about her neg FB to you...your FB speaks for itself.
  9. oh what a loser.... so she has 100% neg feedback herself now? An absolute idiot. I think the only way out is to mutually withdraw feedback... what did her neg say???? I would keep it if it has the same immature tone as her myspace message... it would not deter me as a buyer if I saw lame neg feedback.
  10. WHO, in their right mind, contacts a ebay member on myspace? Immature!!
  11. ^^ agree. That really is petty. Forget this person and leave her with the crappy feedback. If you are still on a high % I would just write this one off. Ridiculous...
    Let us know how it goes / what you decide.
  12. How awful! Definitely neg her back, and also respond to her neg on ebay with something like, "Sent rude and obscene personal messages to me, on and off ebay. Beware of this buyer!"

    *HUGS* and support to you!