Sold my blue Insolite Ikat! (Issues with this wallet)

Mar 8, 2016
So I sold my blue Insolite ikat recently and want to highlight the negatives of this wallet. The issues might not be exclusive to ikat but I hope this thread helps those looking to purchase similar items.

1.) First off, the card slots were really loose and while no card ever fell out of the wallet, they moved around like crazy all the time within. Now I have heard that this can happen if you put 2 cards per slot but I didn't. And how can every single slot of 12 come loose? Mine didn't fall out but every time I opened the wallet, one or two cards did completely slip out of place and this really bothered me!

2.) Secondly the glazing on the side of the wallet had started to come undone. I've seen and heard multiple folks complaining about deteriorating quality of LV and unfortunately I'm going to join that club and say that simply glueing sides that will get pulled during use isn't a very good solution for this price point.

3.) The sides of the wallet also started showing heavy wear and 'crease lines'. Considering something purchased in 2013 this age just doesn't justify this kind of result.

4.) The sides of the wallet started curling up. Now this might happen with the mono leather canvas and is probably inevitable (think the flap of pochette metis sides curling up) but I just hated that this happened to my purse.

5.) Last but not least (true for all insolites), the inside zipper slot is deep and difficult to get into so you'll not be able to store any coins in there, it's probably best for receipts or the like.

So there you are, just my cons on this wallet so you're able to make an informed decision. I'm in no way trying to discourage anyone from buying this piece but just want to share my experience of cons of owning this piece.


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Dec 1, 2005
I am not a fan of LV wallets. I had to return a zippy wallet because it was cumbersome to insert and remove cards, bulky in size and too pricey. I love my LV bags though.


May 11, 2013
My insolite wallet hasn't given me any issues & looks as great as the day I got it! As for Louis vuitton wallets I think they are some of the best quality IMO & experience. Sorry it didn't work out for you OP, so Congrats on selling it.


Jul 31, 2010
Thanks for sharing ! We need these info to make everyone aware of this issue. I own a multicolor insolite wallet. The places I go to mostly accept cards, so I just keep my card in the most accessible zipped compartment. Along with some coins and cash. I don't have much, because I bought too much Louis Vuitton lol!

Hardly I need to pull out drivers licence or loyalty card. Only for bubble tea I need my loyalty card otherwise I pretty much never really open the button compartment...


Mar 16, 2007
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Thanks for sharing. I cannot tell you how many times I purchased this style only to return for fear of loose card slots, wear and tear on corners, snaps failing to line up, etc. It broke my heart to return the rayures stripe and the noir MC insolites but I knew it was the right decision.

I have never had a problem with zippy style (all sizes) or sarah. LV wallets are workhorses for me and extremely durable.
Jul 3, 2006
The insolite is my favorite wallet. The quality is amazing. I have a zippy and have had many others. I've never sold an insolite. I've sold many others.


Oct 5, 2014
Sorry to hear of your issues, I love mine.
While I too have had issues I still think they're some of the nicest wallets out there... But my issues have not been as bad as yours and anyways that wallet looks heavily used and if it wasn't then it did age pretty badly... I'm sorry for your negative experience!
Oct 3, 2007
While I too have had issues I still think they're some of the nicest wallets out there... But my issues have not been as bad as yours and anyways that wallet looks heavily used and if it wasn't then it did age pretty badly... I'm sorry for your negative experience!
I completely agree with both of you. I love the insolite. I have two and they are my favorites. I always seem to go back to them. I do switch wallets, and like my bags, I'm very careful with them and don't overuse. I've talked to SAs who have told me they can't believe how many cards people try to put in a single slot. It stands to reason slots will loosen up if you do this. I never put more than one card in a slot. Also never over stuff any compartment. I so agree that just because it says LV does not mean it will last forever!

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Mar 8, 2016
Happy to share my experience!

I need to reiterate that this post wasn't meant as a discouragement to buying this wallet but if more than a few people are having the same issues, then the fault likely lies in the product and its design as opposed to users.
Btw I also own the equally gorgeous Insolite organizer and will retain it because there really aren't that many wallets out there with this design.

This is a gorgeous design and so unique that one needs to weigh the pros (design, exclusivity) and cons (card slots could come loose, crease might appear etc.) in order to make an informed decision while purchasing :smile:

@coloradolvr Glad to hear you hardly use your bags/wallets but I'd suggest to reread my talking point on card slot usage. And just because it's LV, no one implied it would last forever. (3 years, rotational usage, babying, and appropriate storage is hardly forever) ;)