Soho Flap or Bleecker Hobo?

  1. OK, so I had a Legacy Pouch and hated it (too small, funny shape, just not working for me). I really *need* (well, as much as you can *need* a Coach bag...) :yes: a black bag for casual going out, etc. Narrowed down the choices to the Bleecker Hobo (11415) and the Soho Flap (10316). I have a Bleecker briefcase that I love and a Soho satchel that I also love, so I just can't decide!

    Vote Now! Bleecker or Soho?
  2. :heart:BLEECKER
  3. VOODOO...went to the Leesburg VA outlet today and FOUND THE BLEECKER, black leather 11415! $77! I can't BELIEEEEEEEEEEEVE IT!

    I'm so in love! As luck would have it, they had BOTH styles, in the color/material I was choosing between, so I got to pick it up, check out drop comfortable-ness, the whole 9! I SUPER-PUFFY-HEART this bag! Thanks for the vote on're right, there really is NO comparison...I love everything about it! Plus, I already have a Soho satchel (in red), so I didn't need two of the sorta-same style bag, albeit the flap was WAY smaller than the satchel.

    I also picked up a red wallet to go IN the Bleecker, b/c I don't want to cram my large wallet in there. Have to be careful with the new girl!

    Thanks for the vote! You're the ONLY one who answer my POLL!
  4. Another vote for the bleecker! You saw my gushing in the outlet thread lol. I'm definitely going back to get another one in black sig. I like this better than my small soho flap because the zipper is more convenient :yes:
  5. HI AGAIN! Yes, I definitely agree. While I LOVE my Soho flap satchel (in red), it IS kinda inconvenient to have to lift the flap. My mom and I were talking and she too LOVES to have a top zip. Hmmmm, maybe I feel a MOTHER'S DAY gift coming on...what other colors does this bag come in again?!?!?!?!?! :upsidedown:

    Man, I can't get over how much I love this bag. It's so soft and a perfect size, drop, EVERYTHING! :yahoo:
  6. Ah my soho satchel is a zip top, one flap is enough to drive me crazy :lol: Well actually I wouldn't mind the flap quite as much on a bigger bag, but on the small one the strap always seems to get in the way when I open it.

    That'd be a great gift! I actually went shopping with my mom this morning & she loved them too lol.

    The sig I saw was black, chocolate, khaki/black. I know it was also made in khaki/white and khaki/rose but I don't know if they'd be in the outlets yet? Although I'm pretty sure they disappeared from so they may be on the way.

    Leather I saw black, wine & british tan, but there may be more.
  7. I love my Bleecker hobo. So I vote for the Bleecker also.
  8. I say Soho, but the flap is a little annoying. So with that, I say BLEECKER!!

    Aw, I loved the Legacy pouch... too bad it's only in select stores...would have liked to try it on at least..
  9. Hey, Margarita! No authenticating today?;) I *have* the Legacy pouch, and just found that it was too wide with too short a drop to fit comfortably on my shoulder (I guess it's not really for that purpose). I didn't know I wouldn't like it (I bought it on eBay), but I have since re-listed it and someone's bidding, so I'm even more excited that I found the Bleecker for such a great price at the outlet.

    So, now, the collection all total is: Bleecker briefcase in blk leather, Bleecker hobo in blk leather, the Soho flap satchel in red leather, blk le wristlet, red wallet. I purchased a couple of smaller items before Christmas that I intended to give as gifts, but the quality wasn't quite good enough to give as said gifts, so I'm going to sell those pieces too. This Coach thing is ADDICTIVE! :woohoo: LOVE IT!