Soft spongy leather??!!

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  1. i'm fascinated to see what this new mabel leather will be like - the description does not appeal at all to me - does anyone know what its like. I would love a black mabel and have been searching for black goatskin without luck - may have to get black spongy ! :confused1:
  2. I know, it is a funny name isnt it?! Anyone seen it irl, is it like the goatskin?
  3. It looks a bit more "plastic-y" (i know there is no such word!! but can't think right now!) in the pictures to me...I wonder if it has a buttery-feel to it like the paddingtons?

    Agree they could have come up with a better word than spongy?!

    What are you to do when it rains for goodness sake?!

  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. They have Mabel in black goat in Sweden, but it costs £768.
  6. its so much.....................but............. i found one at boros for £450!!!! so now i'll have to sell a bag!
  7. £450 seems much more reasonable. Wish I could get one, but must resist temptation...
  8. LOL! I seriously doubt that the leather is actually spongy!! ...well I hope not!:nuts:

  9. It is on 60% sale right now though!
  10. not the medium one which was the one I meant, not when I talked to Stockholm yesterday anyway
  11. Oh, no, I'm pretty sure it was the large one. Sorry about that!