soft slouchy leather suggestions please

  1. who makes a soft leather handbag?
  2. Actually, Shelli Segal bags are surpisingly soft, I got a great deal on one at Macy's - it's buttery soft and just as soft as my Balenciaga.
  3. Hayden harnett makes really soft leather bags. I have a suki ladybag which is really soft. It has a stiff-ish frame but the body is very soft. I've been eying the mercer triple compartment satchel and the havana hobo which are both supposed to be very soft.
  4. My vote is for any bag by Gustto. Depending on your style and what you'd be using it for, the Setela is one of my favorite bags. It's large, but so soft and slouchy. Hangs on your shoulder beautifully and molds itself into your body. It's also amazingly light weight. The Baca is a favorite among many members of TPF. I've heard it referred to as the "bottomless bag" and that's because it can hold so much for a smaller bag (it's size is deceiving). They also make some nice looking shoulder bags.

    If you're looking for a soft, slouchy, good leather bag, I think Gustto is your best bet. And with so many sales right now and discount codes (for various websites), you can find one at a very reasonable price (if you haven't already, sign up at Revolve and get their 30% new user discount & use it on a Gustto!)
  5. I agree with Balenciaga, Hayden Harnett, and I have a Geren Ford bucket bag that is to die for.
  6. I finally checked out Gustto IRL, and I was blown away at how soft and lightweight they are! They feel like nothing on your shoulder, even the large bags. Jerome Dreyfuss bags are soft and leightweight too. And, some Bulga styles are very soft and smooshy.
  7. I agree- love Balenciaga and Gustto Setela...another one to look at is Bulga- my Crescent is slouchy and so soft!
  8. Another vote for Bulga. My medium butterfly tote is sooo soft and slouchy.
  9. My vote goes to Balenciaga and Jerome Dreyfuss.
  10. bulga!
  11. I'm going to vote for Hayden Harnett bags. The leather is buttery soft and so so so smooshy!
  12. My friend has just got a lovely Dior bag which looks really slouchy and lovely. I think its the Soft Lady Dior Hobo Bag (£725). You can view this on the Dior website.
  13. Soft and Slouchy fits Gustto to a Tee.