Soft Paws

  1. They are almost like faux nails for cats. You clip the cats claws and then put some glue inside the nail cover and put it over the nail. They fall off as the cats nails grow in around 4 weeks. Has anyone used them? My cats won't stop scratching the couch to death and we have tried a lot of things so hopefully these work and they don't bother the cats. It was $18 a cat for a 6 month supply.

    Heres a pic of a cat with the softpaws on.

    Here are the victims:
    Charlie and Snowball

    They should be coming this week, i'll update with how the application goes.
  2. Your "victims" are SO cute!!! And YES.... I've seen these in action and they are great! You just have to watch and make sure they aren't trying to 'eat' them off their claws. Most cats will do what cats tend to do... shrug it off as utterly unimportant and busy themselves w/ a nap.
  3. I'd love to hear how these work out for you!

    Your kitties are cute!
  4. I have been contemplating getting these since we got new furniture. I'd LOVE to hear how it works out for you before I invest the money since we have 7 cats.

    On second thought, having re-read your sounds like a lot of work for 7 cats!!
  5. My SO and I were thinking about getting those for our cat because we didn't want him to tear up our furniture...let us know if they work! I'm so telling my SO about them if they do...thanks for sharing.
  6. I had thought about getting these when I bought my leather furniture last year. My cats don't actively scratch anything other than their scratching post but leather furniture can get scratched just from them being on it. I ended up deciding against it as it is such a fight to clip my cats' nails, I was unsure how hard it would be to put these on my cats.
  7. I wish that I could use these with my cat, but she is so anti-us touching her paws that there is no way I could even get them on her. She doesn't scratch furniture or anything, but her dang claws are so long that she gets stuck sometimes.
  8. I have a cat that wears soft-claws! She has worn them now for nearly 6 years straight. I had to start slow with just practicing touching her feet to get her comfortable. Then got her to sit still long enough. Then started clipping her nails. Then put the first set of them on.

    The best application trick I have is to put the nail glue in each of the caps first and then sit down with your cat and push the caps on your cat's claws (after having clipped them to reduce how sharp they are). Once the caps are on.. hold your cat for a few minutes to give the nail glue time to set (it's really quick)!

    Once I put them on I still get the evil look from Nober (the cat... a.k.a. victim) and she dashes off to try and get them off -- still even after all this time. She doesn't get them off, after all they are glued on. Then about 5 weeks go by ... her nails grow and a cap or two naturally fall off. So, then I can just replace them as they come off.

    I only put them on her front feet and she wears the most adorable purple color. Very styling!
  9. I think that Soft Paws are a great idea!!

    They are such a humane alternative to declawing :smile:
  10. I used these for my cats when I first got my dogs as puppies. I was afraid she would scratch them. I bought them and took them to the vet and they applied them. I would never even attempt to do it myself. It was hilarious watching the vet try to put them on my cat though. It was the best vet visit ever. LOL I had the clear ones. You have to cut the cats claws down before they apply them. I don't need them anymore because everyone is living in harmony now.
  11. My boys were like that but after about a year old we started handling their feet alot and cutting their nails. They are pretty good about not struggling but they cry the whole time.:crybaby:
  12. ^ my girl cries the whole time too! Or atleast she talks to me the whole time. I just tell her that she is very brave and she calms very quickly! But, my mom saw me do it once and she said it was like she was talking to a nail tech at a nail salon at her manicure appointment. Hilarious!
  13. I wonder if these are truly comfortable for the cats? I know that just having acrylic nails on myself feels kinda funny... I guess they'd get used to it. Anything's better than declawing, however!
  14. ^^I don't think they hurt cats at all. They are pretty thin. My cats would do the little shaking paw dance after getting them done. They grow out when the nail grows.
  15. Ah, okay. Are they able to retract their claws completely, too, with these thingies on?

    My cat is such a good little guy, he never scratches anything except his scratching post. My parents' cat which I'm temporarily caring for while they're out of the country, however, is a fierce scratcher of furniture, and my beautiful silk armchair (granted, it was a thrift store find but it was still so nice!) is in shreds now. Maybe I'll look into Soft Paws.