Soft denim???

  1. I love really, really, soft jeans. I do not have the option of trying them on though. Does anyone know any designer brands that make their jeans super soft??? I can't wear R&R because I'm very short. Can anyone reccommend any brand??? = )
    Thanks. :heart:
  2. I have a pair of SFAMK in the dojo. I wash them in cold water, by themselves, turned inside out on the gentle cycle & hang dry them. They are still as soft as the day I bought them. Love them!
  3. I agree. SFAM denim can be pretty soft and so are Paige jeans.
  4. Joe's jeans are super soft...
  5. I have a pair of Joe's Jeans and Blue Cult jeans that are amazingly soft! I'm not sure if all of their jeans are that way, but the ones that I have are the softest jeans I have ever owned!
  6. J Crew hip slung jeans are amazingly soft! My Joe's Jeans are also super soft.

  7. james jeans are super soft. i have a pair i bought about a yer ago that says on the label that they were treated with green tea. the SA said to soften them up ore sit them in some cold green tea before washing, iv never treid it but its worth a shot.
  8. Blue Cult is very soft. Dont' see them much around anymore... ? Anybody know why?
  9. dvb by victoria beckham has one of the softest feel to it. I was shopping at this consignment store, and had the chance to play with it. It's very very soft and the design and fit is fantastic.
  10. 7FAM are soft, and have only gotten softer the more I wear them. I love them!
  11. Some 7FAM washes are a lot softer than others, though. My softest pair are Avalon wash and my stiffest pair are New York Dark-- everything else is sort of in between.

    The Paige and Chip & Pepper jeans I've tried have been extremely soft!
  12. i have a pair of black paige jeans & they are by far my softest pair.
  13. Both types (Honey Booty & Muse) of my Joe's Jeans are super soft.
  14. try the seven for all mankind..
  15. 7FAM, definitely. I just got my first pair and was very surprised at how soft and comfy they are!