Soap you use?

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  1. Which soap do you use???
    Enrich with Herbs, Glycerine, Neem, Lavender, Milk, Honey, Roses, Sandal, Cosmetic, etc, etc....???? Which one girls:kiss::kiss:??
  2. For body, Dove. For face, Neutrogena and Estee Lauder facial foam make up remover cleanser. I'm not convinced that expensive soaps are "superior" for the shower. If they have a scent one loves, fine. I'd rather spend the extra $$ on lotions and moisturizers.
  3. That's Good choice:smile::love::smile:
  4. I also use Dove for body but oriflame for face wash and cleanser.
  5. For body: Dove bar... For face I use African Black soap (Dudu Osun) it has transformed my skin!! Amazing and cheap!
  6. Irish leaves me feeling squeaky clean and I LOVE the fresh smell.

    Bonus: you really can't beat the price :graucho:
  7. For body - Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap
    For face - Amore Pacific cleanser if I put on heavy makeup. African Black soap (one that has shea butter) in the evenings.
  8. dove for sensitive skin for body
    face, purity by philosophy
  9. Dudu Osun sounds intresting...:smile::smile:
    Is it really good for skin?? From where i can get?

  10. I buy mine on ebay! It needs to be used gently, or you'll end up with a very red face!
    I would advise you to Google it first, That's how I discovered it, there are some amazing and very detailed reviews online

    For me it got rid of my spots and uneven skin tone, leaving me with super smooth fresh skin!
  11. It can dry out dry skin so keep that in mind. If you're prone to dry skin or eczema you may want to look for an African Black soap with aloe, shea or some other moisturizing element.
  12. for face i use cpb synatif - it is pure luxury
    i sometimes use sulwhasoo herbal soap for face
    they both come with a soap case which is great to keep them from wasting away from itself being wet
  13. Body is either Soap & Glory's Clean On Me or Rituals Yogi Flow shower foam, unless I'm wearing a perfume that has a body wash/soap in the same scent, in which case I'll use that. Face is Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel or Tata Harper's exfoliating wash or Sunday Riley's Good Genes, depending on how my skin feels.
  14. My favorite is the Swedish Dream Sea Salt soap (Anthropologie & Madewell both stock it). It smells super fresh & clean. My second favorite is Yardley English Lavender.

    I rarely use bar soap on my face, if I do, it's Pear's glycerin soap.
  15. Clinique facial soap... it has a mild exfoliating effect which I love.