So who is up for a good old-fashioned REVEAL????

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  1. I guess I've been a TPFer for almost 10 years now, and I've never done one of these.....


    I tend to be private, and even in-and-out of posting here (although "out" is when I am actively avoiding the fabulously chic enablers know who you are!!!) but I really did have a bit of fun yesterday, the first time I just went for it without my usual deliberating after almost 20 years of H! So I think I may indulge......
  2. yes you should ! looking forward to see it!!!
  3. go for it do show !!!!!!!
  4. Backstory....DH is absolutely my best friend and over the years he's fine with the occasional indulgence but we don't go crazy with anything. I have some very nice things and he knows I like to shop, but anything unusual that I buy on the cc, I run it by him first - I dont do it often and he never says no, and most of what else I buy I pay for from things I've sold (like on eBay), stuff I don't use. So most of the smaller things I post here are things I took care of myself. I don't mind, as he's generous with the things I really want, and he knows what I do about the rest.

    2016 has been pretty rough for us so far - nothing insurmountable, but a lot of personal turmoil and stress within our family. Things that affect our life, but not our relationship - in fact these tough times always bring us closer. DH knows that I've been waiting for a very long time for a 25B - about five years, with a PO cancellation after 1 year and an SO cancellation after 4 years. So last week, with him dealing with his stress and me dealing with mine, he said - why don't you go get a bag. Whatever you want.
  5. But of course you can't just walk into a boutique and find what you want! So we went to my usual boutique last week - twice, actually - and I left empty-handed. Because, of course, I am still waiting for my 25B, which they have assured me is a PO and definitely coming in this year. 🤔🤔🤔
  6. Undeterred, I took a drive yesterday to other boutiques not far from me, and I found a few treasures - with DH texting me "just get what you want and enjoy".
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460559784.207352.jpg

    Caught my eye as I was leaving, the SM and SA over by the fragrance section, playing with with new balm (for face and body). I don't usually get into frangrance, but this rhubarb eclartè balm is really nice! Love the container, too!
  8. Exciting new joy
    Come let's get the drum rolling
  9. the real fun....


    I've always wanted to buy the small SLGs but never had....I guess I needed a reason to start! I am finally grown up enough to realize that I hate digging for change in my wallets......


    I sheepishly admit that I do not love the color orange, but this feu Bastia in chevre is really nice and will be easy to spot!

  10. Loving your story already!
  11. And of course I couldn't get one without the one of my favorite H colors!


    Because apparently SLGs are like chips and you can't get just one.


    Epsom Calvi in Rose Azalee

  12. I *admit* that I didn't get this yesterday but a few days ago, but I think you'll see that it must be shown with the rest of the group.... 🏼


    Not too hard to tell WHAT it is, but WHICH one??? 🤔


    A really winning design, "Under the Waves" by Alice Shirley.


    In case you need to know cw info, it's cw 12, vert / corail / aqua:


    This ties great and the colors are perfect for spring and summer:

  13. More coming soon.....
  14. BBC, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through tough times, but it's so nice to hear that it's bringing you and your DH even closer. Your DH sounds exactly like mine, as he would have said the same thing about me shopping under such circumstances! I'm enjoying this reveal, and can't wait to see what else you've unearthed (that rose azalea color is gorgeous!!)

  15. Thanks so much! DH had what I will lightly call an extremely difficult childhood. We really appreciate every day and each other. He has absolutely made me a better person, and I think he'd say the same about me (but he's better. So there. ).